Monday, November 6, 2006

Bill 52 - because bureaucrats know best

Remember, Liberal Leadership hopeful Gerard Kennedy was Education Minister when this Statist agenda was first introduced to the people of Ontario back in December. Bill 52 stipulates Ontario students must undergo government approved conditioning until the age of 18, with the additional provision that dropouts are to be deprived of a driver's license if they fail to produce sufficient proof of their attendance. Parents and employers who reduce the burden on the taxpayer by supporting the "social deviant" face fines of up to $1000.00.

Since its introduction, the Bill has recently been amended.


The governing Ontario Liberals are making it harder for potential school dropouts -- who want to hold onto their driver's licence -- to earn easy high school credits in the community.

The province amended the bill Thursday that withholds a dropout's driver's licence until they turn 18, but allows them to earn their diploma through a wider array of courses, co-op and apprenticeship programs.

Teachers' unions had been concerned those programs could mean students could earn a drama credit for participating in a community play because the law didn't spell out tough standards.

The new bill now says only school principals can issue credits and requires boards to regulate and oversee those alternative programs.
So long as the teachers' union is assured of lukewarm bodies crowding the classrooms to justify their existence, they have no reason to worry about the morality of the Liberal's recent bill. Independent learning and initiative have no place in the world view of aspiring statists whose focus on the collective clouds their ability to understand that we don't all wear the same size shoe, nor are we all keen on wearing army boots. That driving ability and success - defined as non-reliance on the welfare state - has nothing to do with the level of diversity, tolerance and sensitivity training received, is essentially irrelevant to these thugs who believe threats will be perceived as incentives and the State as the Savior of mankind.

Essentially irrelevant, but not exclusively. Once again, Ontarians get the door in the face.

The Dalton McGuinty government has backed away from a controversial provision in its anti-dropout legislation that would have required teens to prove they're still in school to get a driver's licence.

As originally written, Bill 52 forced teenagers under the age of 18 to show proof of attendance at school or an approved training/co-op program when applying for a G1, G2 or full driver's licence.

Under amendments introduced last week, judges will be given the power to strip truants of their driving privileges.

[..] Valerie Poulin, a spokesperson for Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, said the government listened to its education stakeholders and made changes to address their concerns.

Stripping a student of a driver's licence will not be done lightly, she said.
SLAM. Compliance is not voluntary.

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nikkimountain said...

Why not just start arresting students for being truant? I'm sure it would be a great approach at deflecting some goverment scandal. Maybe thats being shelved for the next time some goverment jerk decides to steal our money!!!

nikkimountain said...

CORRECTION- shelved for the next time some government jerk gets CAUGHT stealing our money.