Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ballot Booth Justice

An open question to "libertarians" who voted Democrat in the mid-term elections: so, you support robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Some "treats" that Americans can look forward to if the Democrats have their way:

*An increase in minimum wage
*Increased spending on public health care
*Increased spending to "save" the planet from humans
*More funds for the "disadvantaged", as defined and created by your rulers
*More dithering on the war in Iraq

Shame on you all. You should have stayed home. You can as much gain liberty at the ballot booth as you can gain riches by gleefully paying your taxes. Now go read this by L. Neil Smith:

The thing to remember in all of this is that there's really only one "major" political organization, the Boot On Your Neck party, and that when everything else is said and done, you can forget about Right and Left, socialism and fascism, conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans. All that government is about, all that government's ever been about, and all that government will ever be about is simply stealing.

[..] Government is about stealing; that's all it's about; that's all it's ever been about; that's all it will ever be about. The kind of society government needs most is a society at war with itself, torn by violent crime, crippled by poverty, intellectually and technologically stagnant. A peaceful, prosperous, progressive society is a threat, because it eliminates all the excuses traditionally used to steal from us.

No election is ever going to change that.
HT: Jay Jardine


Little Tobacco said...

As David Janes would say, politics is all about giving jobs and money to your buddies.

Little Tobacco said...

let me clarify, David would say that "government" is all about giving jobs and money to your buddies.