Friday, November 3, 2006

2006 London civic election: my endorsements

Thanks for the invite and hello to all of the regulars and irregulars to The London Fog.

As noted, I am not a resident of the messed up City of London and I am wholly uninformed about your municipal politics. I am, however, willing to give my endorsements for London's upcoming municipal election:

If you have a hockey buddy running at least tell him you'll vote for him. Not running in your ward? Who cares? Just tell him he can count on you. You're not voting anyway.

If one of your high school teachers is running, you know that you are not voting for that asshole/bitch. Well... you're not voting at all...but when you and your buddies sit around the garage getting pissed, talking hockey and looking back to the day when you were on the junior team, you still mock the teachers. Glory Days!

That Fontana guy is always in the news. He did the ceremonial face-off at your kids game. He must have been mayor for like 50 years. If you were to vote, which you are not, he's the guy to vote for!

London Rocks! Go Knights!


Anonymous said...

That's all fine and dandy, but readers want to know: are you really just another rich white male?

Little Tobacco said...

Not guilty on the first charge. Guilty on counts two & three.

Fenris Badwulf said...

There are many rich white male activists. Being an activist makes anyone acceptable. What about being heteronormative? How long have you been a member of your union of choice? How much money a year do you give to the NDP? Liberal party?