Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rory Leishman column rejected by the Free Press

Long-time London Free Press editorial columnist Rory Leishman's Oct. 24th column, A Rising Tolerance for the Wrong, was rejected for publication by the newspaper, citing Leishman's apparent failure to attend a play at the Grand Theatre that he employs as an example of the "flagrant exhibitions of sexual promiscuity have coarsened our entire culture." As purveyors of gratuitous culture themselves of only a less lurid but no less degenerating nature, the editorial staff at the Free Press are no friends to this sort of commentary. However, Joel Johannesen at Proud To Be Canadian has taken the opportunity to publish A Rising Tolerance for the Wrong, with an explanatory preface by Leishman, here, instead of at the London Free Press.

[The London Fog is neither endorsing nor condemning the sentiments contained in the column: we are providing this link as a service to our readers. But we do note that the Grand Theatre received $465,000 in taxpayer funding from London's Community Arts Investment Program in 2006 as part of the implementation of the Creative Cities Task Force's recommendations.]


Pietr said...

All of a sudden we're 'Judeo-Christian'.
When I grew up I loved the Greeks and Romans.
The Renaissance had nothing to do with the Judeo-Christians, yet that is what people really refer to when talking about civilisation.

As a result I lost interest after the first paragraph.
Kudos to the London Free Press.

Anonymous said...

The Grand received all that money...ask how much went to real development of creative people in London and how much went to the "Hot August Nights" program.
They spent big dollars promoting concerts, competing with local promoters. Why use taxpayer dollars to compete with local small business?
Plus they didn't participate in the Fringe Festival, London's most popular festival of the arts. about misguided policy!

Neo Conservative said...

I'm with Soreheaduk...that Judeo-Christian thing is so vile... what a bunch of bastards, huh?

I think I'm gonna convert...

"In short, women are meat. Oh yeah, if you don't package the meat properly, you can't really expect it not to be raped... uh, well, that is to say... spoiled."

If you listen really hard, what you'll hear is the sound of Liberals and new Democrats saying bupkas. They're a little busy defending Canadian women against Peter MacKay.

basil said...

Huh? What's wrong with this guy? Who doesn't like to see some titties? He didn't even have a look to see if she's worth the price of admission.

Mitch said...

Your tax dollars at work,

Reminds me of a Norman Podheretz comment that a liberal is a person who sees no problem with a 16 year old working as a stripper so long as she is paid a minimum wage.

Butch McLarty said...

Mr. Leishman's column is published in full online as part of Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton's new blog.

Gordon said...

Well I like looking at titties.
Where is the link?

Pietr said...

Say Neocrook, sorry, Neocon, I don't know whether your head is all the way up your arse or whether you just think that everybody elses is;'Judeo-Christian' is a term applied to a collection of God-delusions, the same 'god' as the Muslims.
The god-guilt-trippers started trying to lay claim to the fruits of renaissance civilisation when they saw that it was not about to fold up and disappear overnight, despite all their 'Judeo-Christian' persecutions and inquisitions.
The inquisition didn't officially end until 1929 incidentally, up until when the 'Judeo' part was liable to be kidnapped and forcibly converted to the 'Christian' part.