Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever on YouTube

Freedom Party Media Release:

Freedom Party of Ontario today has launched "FPTV", a "channel" on the popular website YouTube.com. FPTV will facilitate publicly-viewable two-way communications between party leader Paul McKeever and those who would like him to address questions or comments concerning the party, its leader, and the governance of Ontario. In the first of many personal FPTV "fireside chats" to come, McKeever addresses the question: "Why not just join the Progressive Conservatives, and change that party from within?".

[..] "For the first time ever", explains McKeever, "an emerging political party like Freedom Party will be able to communicate not only the nouns and verbs of its message, but the look, tone and feel of its message as never before. Folks who want to speak directly with me, in full view of everyone else, will be able to do so by posting a video response. They will be able to vent or to cheer, to question or to suggest. It will be just like a real town hall meeting, but it will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and with global reach. And, perhaps best of all, viewers will be able to subscribe to FPTV for free, so that they can be notified every time a new episode of FPTV is made available for viewing.
FPTV - Ep. 1: Why not join the Progressive Conservatives?


Deep Trout said...

The Freedom Party of Ontario is an "emerging " political party? My God, Lisa, they've been around for decades and are still operating out of a shoebox and have never had anyone elected to the provincial legislature.

They make the now-defunct Rhino Party of Canada look mainstream.

Between the FP and Arthur Majoor, you really know how to pick 'em!

Anonymous said...

Are they still in favour of shooting the poor?

Lisa said...

Deep Trolling Moonbat;

And you really know how to say nothing at all. It takes many years to establish a parties' presence. A party doesn't just pop up out of the ground like a mushroom and get elected. Unlike the entrenched gangs who promise something for everyone, when really they are more interested in stealing taxpayer's money to prop up their crooked regimes and careers at the expense of poor and rich alike, the Freedom Party is promoting individual rights and freedoms. The Freedom Party is indeed an emerging presence, as more and more people in this province become fed up with the return they get for their efforts and the depraved morality of the current thieving favorites vying for a piece of the collective trough.

Go graze in your own backyard Deep Throat.

Mike said...

Are they still in favour of shooting the poor?

Citation, please.

Pietr said...

What's that Mike?You get a citation for shooting the poor?
Now here they actively discourage me.
But I would love to get reward points depending on how many poor people were strapped to the front of my car.

Ps-my neighbour is starting to behave.
I saw him yesterday-somehow he had a broken arm.

Honey Pot said...

Come on Lisa, the Freedom party has been around since Jesus was a cowboy. I remember going to watch Jack Plante speak a couple of times. At that time I think he was the leader of it. He was, or is a fireman, so he had lots of free time on his hands, to go around doing that politicking. I am not all against their platforms, though they do have a tendency to come across as being meaner than cat piss. I don't believe they actually want to shoot the poor, they just have the fortitude to be able to step over them as they are starving in the streets.

Ian Scott said...

According to the official website (freedomparty.ca):

"Founded in July of 2001, the Freedom Party of Canada is the federal complement to the Freedom Party of Ontario: an officially registered political party in the province of Ontario that was founded in 1984."

As an aside - not sure why anyone would be taking issue with Lisa, exactly. It appears to me she is simply quoting from a media release.

Perhaps though this could be a lesson in the use of meaningless words. "Emerging" is one of those meaningless words.

A butterfly "emerges" from a cacoon in less than 22 years.

Pietr said...

You're right Ian.
And your friends in the Communist Party only took 70 years to take over the East.