Thursday, October 26, 2006

Belinda Stronach is a dirty dog

I've so far failed to comment on Peter McKay's alleged comment in the House of Commons last week regarding Belinda Stronach’s canine status because I really didn't care. When you pack a room full of bandits jockeying for control of the public purse, it's going to get nasty. That's politics. I'm sure Belinda has been called much worse in her 40 years on this planet. So, I really didn't care, until Belinda and the "victims" started shouting sexism and hurt feelings, and it's still going on. Your taxpayer dollars hard at work:

The opposition Liberals added fuel to the fracas by serving up eight legal affidavits from MPs swearing they heard MacKay’s heckle, even though it was not recorded in Hansard — the official written record of House proceedings.

The House of Commons Speaker, Peter Milliken, who presides over decorum, agreed to listen more closely to an audio version of the proceedings, in which MacKay can be faintly heard shouting in the background during a heated debate.

Outside the Commons, several Liberal women gathered at a microphone to condemn what they described as MacKay’s “sexist remark” and to implore him to either come clean or quit.

“He is coward, and he is a man without honour,” MP Marlene Jennings said.

“He’s on an audio tape, it’s clear that he said it,” added Judy Sgro, another Liberal MP. “Does he think the people of Canada are stupid?”

During a debate last Thursday on the government’s proposed clean-air legislation, which was denounced for not being tough enough on polluters, Liberal MP David McGuinty asked MacKay: “Don’t you care about your dog?”

The Liberals say MacKay gestured toward Stronach’s vacant seat and retorted: “You already have her.”
Canadians are stupid in exact proportion to the importance they place on McKay's comment, assuming he even said it in the first place. The real victim here is the taxpayer who pays the wages of these buffoons. Bitches, all of you. Is it okay if I call Stronach, Jennings, and Sgro dogs or bitches? Can a woman be accused of "sexism?" if her comment is directed to a member of one's own "victim" group? If you can't take the "heat" ladies, you should resume your role of sock darner and toilet cleaner.

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Anonymous said...

When you pack a room full of bandits jockeying for control of the public purse, it's going to get nasty.

Quite right. There is no civil way to plunder the public and divide up the loot.

But this little fracas has a silver lining. Just like the pirates in Treasure Island who fail to find the treasure because of their drunken quarrels, the larcenous yahoos in Ottawa will be unable to pass any nasty, redistributive, government-enlarging legislation as long as they're brawling over perceived insults to their wimminfolk.

I say, start a blog-rumour that when you were reviewing the tapes to find out if McKay called his ex-girlfriend a dog, you also heard an NDPer refer to Mrs. Stephen Harper as a "nag" and you heard a Liberal say "woof woof" when Ms. Chow stood up to speak. Give the parliamentary halfwits more opportunities to show what they're made of.

Honey Pot said...

So Peter got a shot in at Belinda. Big deal. Belinda not bright enough to come back with a quip? If the females can't verbally defend against an insult in the house, perhaps they shouldn't be there. If the woman was smart, which she isn't, she could have had some fun with this, eveyone else is. I can't imagine everyone jumping up to protect Peter, if Belinda had have been the one who threw the shot. It is the double standards in politics that makes women ineffectual leaders. Don't need prima donna's in politics, need real women who can go toe to toe with anything that is thrown at them.

Peter McKay is the all-Canadian boy. Smart, articulate and something real dependable about him. He will be in politics a long time after Belinda gets bored and quits.

TonyGuitar said...

This is really a taunt that derives from a domestic spat.

Are Canadian Mps so small that they cannot allow that to go by and get on with business?

How can it be practical to tie up Canada*s decision making machinery at a Million$ a minute when Muslim riots in France, England and Sweden portend what sleeper cells are planning for our *entertainment*?

victims* started shouting sexism and hurt feelings, and it's still going on. Your taxpayer dollars hard at work:

Working towards a Conservative majority. = TG

TonyGuitar said...

OK, here*s a bright spot for you.

Be sure to go here:-]

and scroll down two posts.

I like the cellphone part of the video. Amazing!

Working towards a Conservative majority = TG