Thursday, August 3, 2006

White Shirt and Green Helmet take time out to freshen up


. . . bickering over refrigerated vans and wire service time stamps and body counts obscures the real issue: the insidious manipulation of Western sentimentality by the Islamic supremacist gang known as Hizballah, and the de facto complicity of Western media in the scam.

EU Referendum examines Mr. Green Helmet's sidekick, White-T shirt man:
OK… let's put is altogether. "White Tee-shirt" is part of the rescue party – frantically digging for survivors (they hope) and recovering the bodies. There is a frenetic air about the operation – eye witnesses say there was chaos and there is the ever-present fear that the building will collapse further.

But, after the Red Cross worker takes the body of the child, with "White Tee-shirt" present, and before it is given to "White Tee-shirt" to take it out of the building, it seems that our iconic figure has time to change into another tee-shirt. Only then, freshly atired, does he make his "camera run", whence he is photographed "screaming for help".
One innocent casualty is too many, and posing with dead bodies over and over again only increases the likelihood that more children, women and men will be sacrificed, should furniture be in short demand.

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UPDATE: EU Referendum summarizes "the story":
I have called this post, "the director's cut", as that is what it is. The narrative here is of how the combination of Hezbollah's media management and modern photo-journalism has turned the recording of a tragic event into theatre, in the best tradition of Michael Moore.

As best we can, we have pieced together the jumble of photographs which surrounded the production of the iconic photographs which were published around the world, and put them in perspective. Many of the photographs have been used before, some are new to this site and others are video "grabs". But it is not the pictures, per se, that tell the story, so much as their ordering and analysis. Make of it what you will, but I can assure you that you are not supposed to see them in this light.


Honey Pot said...

Labour movement backs aid to Mideast

Fri, August 4, 2006

Workplace collections are underway among various unions throughout the area.

After weeks of horror stories from Lebanon that have hit home in London, local groups said yesterday they are joining forces to raise money for those in need.

Workplace collection campaigns within various union affiliates are starting and Carrie said he's hoping for a response similar to when the tsunami struck south Asia in 2004

Mathyssen said the Conservative government would likely announce an increase in aid today.

Initially the federal government pledged $500,000 with another $500,000 from Care Canada.

"That's quite small," said Mathyssen, who is hoping the government will match what Canadians donate dollar for dollar.-lfp

...and also

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia -- Muslim leaders demanded an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah at an emergency meeting in Malaysia to discuss the crisis, at which Iran's hardline president said the solution was the obliteration of the Jewish state. Key leaders in the 56-country Organization of the Islamic Conference, including those from Indonesia, Pakistan and Turkey, warned Israel's warfare would stoke Muslim radicalism and breed new terrorists, and sought a UN investigation into possible Israeli human rights violations in Lebanese and Palestinian territories. The group issued a declaration after the summit that voiced solidarity with the Lebanese people "in their legitimate and heroic resistance against the Israeli aggression." Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a speech to the meeting, said Israel "is an illegitimate regime" without a legal basis for existence. -lfp

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Thousands of Shiite youths headed into Iraq's capital yesterday for a pro-Hezbollah rally, as the city was rocked by a motorcycle bomb that killed 12 people -- the latest victims of bloodshed that senior U.S. generals warned could lead to civil war. -Toronto Sun

Yeah.... the ndp are at it again, fundraising for terrorist. Only the ndp would think it was a good idea to buy guns for the Hezzassholes to kill Canadian soldiers.

Pietr said...

On SKY news today I saw a report from the site of the Katyusha strike in Acre(ACCRA).
The Israeli emergency people were wearing green helmets.
I guess the miserable idea behind the parading of 'mister greenhelmet' in Lebanon is to steal an illusion of comparability with Israel.

In other words,"look, we are a sophisticated civil society too, and we are Arabs, so Arabs aren't savages."

The Israelis don't parade dead people in front of the cameras, because of these concepts:
Individual privacy even after death.

Frankly I'm appalled at the insult to our intelligence that the 'Western meeja' is perpetrating.

Honey Pot said...

Sore, the western meeja are finally catching up

Pietr said...

Nice article.