Wednesday, August 9, 2006

What is your message today?

Hourglass1941, with inspiring videos interviewing attendees at a "Council on American-Islamic Relations" pro-terrorist rally a couple of weeks ago. (HT LGF).

The message is most sincerely presented when CAIR's Dr. Al-Akhras grabs and shoves her camera lens in response to persistent questioning.

This lady, named ciaospirit, is awesome.


Honey Pot said...

Yes another gathering of pro-terrorist. I wonder if they will outlaw them in light of the plot of mass murder against the civililized world that was uncovered this morning? I doubt it, but one can always hope. It will be very interesting watching the ndp and liberals defend the terrorist groups today.

Honey Pot said...

Ohhhhh, getting scarey. I wonder if the moderate muslims would mind wearing a name tag stating they are moderate, so I wouldn't be worried about getting blown up standing beside them in a store. Seems to me there is more crazy fucked up terrorist sort of muslims, than the moderate type. Does anyone know if there is any real identifiable difference between a terrorist muslim and a moderate one, except the obvious bulky burqa bulging with dynamite. I want some information to protect my family from the terrorist threat.For example, what is the average age of a suicide bomber? I guess that really wouldn't help, as the muslim terrorist are willing to fill their babies bottles up with liguid death to take out planes.

Pietr said...

Apparently they were going to use Nitro-Glycerine or something similar.

So if you want to be sure to be safe onboard, kick that Muslim baby at the airport.
(Of course you'll blow your foot up).

Pietr said...

In Ben Gurion Airport(Tel Aviv),there is a sculpture outside the main terminal.
This is actually a pressure-chamber,like a mortar, that they can chuck any bombs into to explode harmlessly.
They could equip every airport with these in no time.
You have to remember that Nitro is set off by shock waves, so it would be simple to pass everything through an armoured agitator.