Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Pimping the dead

What happens to human shields when they become corpses? They can be used as props.

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UPDATE: "Mr. Green Helmet" continues to pose with dead children for the media. Seems he is the poster boy for the war torn region.

Here he is in 1996:


Anonymous said...

Posing for photographs is clearly a far greater crime than bombing children...

Moral Equivalence said...

yeah... remember that little girl on fire in Vietnam - what was she doing running towards the camera screaming. Little show-off..

Pietr said...

Of course, the NVA didn't dirty their snow-white hands with propaganda.
And if you read the articles, you wouldn't be talking about 'bombing children',like some sort of Hizbollah-fed auto-complete robot.
Apparently they died fifteen hours after the bombing in a building collapse.
Who pushed the children into an unsafe basement, and why?
While we're at it, where were the photographers when the Vietnamese civilians sailed the sea in unsafe boats in the desperate hope of escape?
Oh, sorry...they weren't escaping from the Americans.
And of course, it only works with Americans, because creep journalists think there is an American 'conscience', a head that they can get into.
They respect the Communists and terrorists because they have no conscience.
They feel contempt for the Americans and Israelis, because they really do.
Pity we can't bomb a few photographers.

Mike said...

So, question: do the first two comments to this post come from:

* one fool and one shill, or
* one shill and one fool, or
* one fool writing under two names, or
* one shill writing under two names?

I think it's the third.

muliltple identity confuses simpleton said...

I think the children were definitly pushed into the basement by Hizzbollah robo-photo pimpers for the sake of a cheap peice of propaganda.

It's clearly the most obvious explanation. Only a complete shill would think otherwise.

4th distinct and separate poster said...

"I think the children were definitly pushed into the basement by Hizzbollah robo-photo pimpers"

...what a load of complete nonsense. The incident clearly never happened. I have never seen a more obviously faked photograph in my life. The child is a completely different colour to the rest of the 'actors' in the image. Along with being completely perverse imbeciles this goes to show that Islamo-fascist shills can't even use photoshop properly...

disillusioned conservative said...

I don't usually post on blogs, but the piss-poor quality of this debate has pushed me into action.

I fully subscribe to all the sensible conservative ideas promoted by the principal posters on London Fog, but I cannot for the life of me uderstand why we can't see some images of dead Jewish children to balance the article.

Moral Equivalence said...

"Of course, the NVA didn't dirty their snow-white hands with propaganda"

I get what you are saing.

The liberal media were so hooked on showing dead gooks that they completely buried all evidence of the dead american kids littering the countryside. If only Fox News was around in the 70's we would have had some decent reporting. God I hate that Ted Turner and his hippy bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What I find most disagreeable about the liberal European perspective on Lebanon is their continual attempt to equate the suffering of the Israeli people with the superficial discomfort experienced by a few Lebanese villagers. A few bombs go off and the Arabs start whinging and crying as if their whole nation was being systematically dismembered...And even if that was the case how on earth can anyone compare that to the awful suffering being experienced by the parents of those poor two soldiers who were kidnapped.

Pietr said...

These people sound like some poor bastard's drunk mother.
Get off the street and sober up.

Mike said...

Moral Equivalence, why are you talking about a war that happened thirty plus years ago on a different continent between different combatants?

More to the point you wish to obscure by harking back to the great communist triumph of Vietnam: do you deny that Hezbollah places its military assets in civilian areas and buildings?