Thursday, August 24, 2006

Michael Moore is a Sicko

London Ontario is on the list of Canadian towns that Michael Moore might visit in preparation for his newest "mock documentary" on the selfish and cruel American health-care system.

London is among the Southwestern Ontario cities Oscar-winning director Michael Moore is scouting as a location for his new film, Sicko.

It's a documentary criticizing American health maintenance organizations and Michigan-born Moore is slated to begin filming at the chosen Canadian site within the next few weeks.

"We're looking for Canadians who've had health-care nightmares in the United States because they didn't purchase extra medical health insurance," says the film's field producer, Chris Aldred, who has spent the past week eyeing locations in London, Toronto, Kitchener, Windsor and Sarnia.
If only Canadians had the option of purchasing medical insurance in the first place, within their own country! An estimated 30,000 Londoners are without a doctor and the vast majority of patients are compelled to wait in line for treatment, unless they are healthy and wealthy enough to purchase "extra" insurance in the US. For months on end, many Canadians are forced to wait to even see a specialist as their ailments become more debilitating and life-threatening. A stay in the hospital is likely to result in an infection from unclean conditions unrelated to your reason for admission. Your cancer doctor has misdiagnosed your most recent tumor as arthritis. Having a miscarriage is an emergency that can wait, in the waiting room.

I'd like to see Moore do a documentary on the State monopolized Canadian health-care system. Who is the slob going to blame for the mess? The politicians for not taking more taxpayer money to fund the blob? Or maybe his obese self for the unfair burden his habits impose on the rest of us.

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