Thursday, August 31, 2006

McKeever on Tory and the Qa'aladonia insurgency

Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever, in today's Red Star, on the "stasis management" strategy of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party:

Essentially, the party figures that if it can't beat the Harris bashers, it should apologize and seek forgiveness from the public by joining Harris bashers in their condemnation of the former premier and his revolution.

Tory cannot say that the premier should direct police to enforce the law. Doing so would suggest that, if Harris did direct the police at Ipperwash, he was right to do so.

Tory's only option is to concur with McGuinty that a premier cannot direct the police to take action. Doing so serves as an excuse for Tory's failure to advocate police intervention. However, more importantly, as an implicit condemnation of Harris's alleged intervention at Ipperwash, Tory's concurrence with McGuinty serves the party's sacrificial strategy to obtain forgiveness...

Management parties do not propose significant changes to large government programs; they propose only to "repair" and to "manage" them better. Accordingly, the only way for the PCs now to distinguish themselves from the Liberals is by demonstrating that Tory's "leadership" is somehow better than McGuinty's. That effort will fail so long as the party's strategy requires Tory to tow McGuinty's line in response to crises like that at Caledonia.
The Progressive Conservatives give no reasons for sensible people to hand them their votes. Lame promises to do a better job of managing the Ontario government's many and various pyramid scams that are marketed as "FREE STUFF" to a wishful electorate just do not cut it.

Running scams like FREE HEALTH CARE and FREE EDUCATION is one thing, but one would at least expect a prospective leader of government to demonstrate some interest in the whole supposed freaking point for having a government -- at least on off days when he can't think of new side-project pyramid scams such as FREE DAY CARE or FREE GOVERNMENT HAIRCUTS. That freaking point would be the bit where the law abiding are supposed to be able to count on the power to call in overwhelming force against criminals like the Qa'aledonia insurgents, in defence of life and property.

But if Tory isn't even interested in law and order, the basics, the only excuse for the existence of the government to whose leadership he aspires -- then why would any sensible person vote for him or his party?

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Ayn Steyn said...

John Tory is a despicable human being. "Coward" is the best word to describe him. Dalton McGuinty is the same. In fact they are probably twins as they are ideologically the same.

I have read some Freedom Party press releases in the past. From what I can gather, Mr. McKeever is the only Ontario politician that actually posesses a set of balls. He isn't in it to kowtow to the electorate, he actually believes in what he says, and what he says is correct. That is rare for a politician—indeed rare for any Canadian person to display such integrity in this manner. All I can say to him is Kudos! and I'll send a cheque to Freedom Party in the near soon as I find some.