Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Like using band-aids to reattach a limb

In London Ontario, pregnant women, children and immigrants are a little less equal and will once again have to line up like the rest of us:

Neighbourhood health-care clinics set up by the Middlesex-London Health Unit have been rated a success, but they have closed their doors anyway.

Set up as a two-year pilot project, the weekly clinics have run out of the federal government funding that was channelled through the Ontario Health Ministry.

The clinics were established in eight London neighbourhoods and were designed to serve young families with children from infancy to six years of age who didn't have a family doctor.

[..] No appointments were needed to use the clinics, which were set up in elementary schools, housing complexes and early learning centres.

[Bonnie] Wooten [manager of family health services with the Health Unit] said the clinics succeeded in reaching new immigrants and pregnant women.

[..] The health unit has lobbied the Health Ministry to have the clinics provided with sustainable funding.

"We can't sustain this without additional money from the ministry," Wooten said.
Sustainable in this context should be understood to mean permanent, forever entrenched, no matter the cost to those receiving nothing in return for their tax dollars.

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Pietr said...

Lobby your local politician to invite Medicin Sans Frontieres into London.
Then put on a Mountie hat and pose with the sick chidren in the new emergency treatment centres;see if you can train some house-flies to crawl on the crying kids faces, and invite the world press, making sure all the while to look crazed with horror and grief.

The funding would be restored in a cold minute,and everybody would miss the point.