Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"It kind of sounded like firecrackers"

Knifedon has reverted back to Gundon.

A quiet, northwest London neighbourhood was shot up in a spray of gunfire yesterday, leaving police looking for at least one suspect and two cars.

"Several shots" were fired at two males on Homestead Crescent about 2 a.m., but neither was hit, London police Const. Amanda Pfeffer said.

[..] Officers were seen yesterday combing the area in front of a housing complex sealed off with police tape.

One resident said bullets struck the complex and his parked minivan.

"A few areas got hit by bullets," said Toufic Saade, who also heard the early-morning gunfire.
The lack of funds available to community support groups for poverty victims in this city is to be blamed for the increase in violent crimes in London Ontario. London's finest have their hands full with law-breaking cyclists and jay-walkers. It's up to the activists to rehabilitate the murders and robbers. More of your income is required.