Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I'm staying cool -- you can deal with the brownouts

What, I'm going to slave over two hot computers here in my little house in 35 degrees, with no air conditioning? Yeah, right.

As Ontario power use surged to a record in yesterday's heat, Premier Dalton McGuinty urged consumers to reduce power use.
Good thing I'm not a consumer of Ontario Hydro's services -- as a citizen of Ontario compelled to subsidize and buy power from that government owned monopoly, I'm the fuckin' owner.

This baby's going nonstop until I hit 21 degrees. Keep it coming, Ontario Hydro.


Jay said...

Jeezus. Just reading McGuinty dribble on about "We As A Species" made my temp rise by about 10 degrees.

He ought to be thrown right under the wheels of an environmentally friendly gas-electric hybrid bus.

Jesse Gritter said...

I can't friggin believe all those tax-payer funded commercials that try to make Ontarians feel guilty for their electricity usage, as if somehow the problem is with us and not with the communist-style delivery of electricity.

bonnie abzug said...


Erik Sorenson said...

There's no way I can compete against Jay's comment. It wins, hands down!

Meanwhile, in scenic downtown Aylmer, I turned my thermostat down to keep the 4 PCs/servers cool, and composed a letter to the Great Liar congratulating him on his pithy vision and assuring him that he would have my vote in late 2007, no matter how far he wrenched us back into the 19th century.

I also told him about my new invention, candles, and asked if perhaps there was non-repayable grant/seed money available (like with Caledonia Casinos) to fund my little scam, oops, invention?

I figure I can play at the same game, and at the same level of truth, as McSquinty. For a short period of time. And then I puke.

Mike said...

More likely than not I am indeed an idiot, but it wasn't my bright idea to monopolize power generation -- and then block new generation development while simultaneously capping prices. Of all idiocies.

I'm staying cool. Anyone who has a problem with that can eat my brown out.