Thursday, August 3, 2006

History began in 1993

Activists crawl out of their environmentally friendly and sustainable recycled woodwork as civilization starts to fight back against murderous barbarians.

With signs that read Stop the War, Stop the Bloodshed and Ceasefire in the Middle East, a small group of activists spent part of their lunchtime on the steps of London city hall yesterday.
Please, people: some honesty in advertising. Obviously, these slogans sum up what Israel is trying to do, so the signs make no sense at all.

How about some "Israel Stop Fighting Back" or "The Human Shield Strategy Must Succeed" or "Children Have The Right To Be Assembled Near Rocket Sites", or "Erode The Distinction Between Civilian And Military Everywhere" signs?

Some might question the judgment of the Free Press for giving these people a platform, but you have to realize, these "peace" activists were probably in the double digits in number:

"We want to urge (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper and the federal government to encourage a ceasefire in the Middle East," said Chris Stroud, one of about 10 people, including a small child, who gathered in the heat. "We want them to take the more historical Canadian stance of being peacemakers and supporting reconciliation."


Honey Pot said...

Why are we not seeing a protest against the Hezzassholes from the Lebanese-Canadian community? That would make so much more sense to me and a protest I would glady participate in. If I were a Lebanese-Canadian I would be out holding a sign stating, "do not hide behind our children to fight your evil war, you cowardly bastards." The only thing I can conclude by their silence, is that the Lebanese-Canadian community, support the Hezzassholes in their endeavour to obliterate Israel and all Jews. Call me unkind, but I just can't seem to work up any sympathy for terrorist supporters.

Maple nation said...

I totally agree with Honeypots senitments. As anyone who knows anything about guerllia warfare understands - the most efficent insurgency operates completely away from any civilian infrastructure. Mao Tse Tung detailed this strategy perfectly -showing how a truly succesful guerilla movement needs the space and emptiness of the open countryside to fully engage the enemy. This goes to show that Hizzbollah are not just cowardly child-killers but also completely ineffectual terrorists as well.

JKennedy said...

I'm actually from London UK! What I find most annoying about the British coverage of the crisis is that at first the media was wholly behind the Israeli response to the kidnapping of their soldiers. Then after a few weeks it turned against them just because a few people - on both sides - got killed. This shows how spineless and hypocritical they are. Their position on the issue relates completely to the "proportionality" of the IDF's response as opposed to basic arguments underlying detterence. In my opinion wiping Lebanon off the map is a proportionate response anyway...

Anonymous said...

JKennedy - well said. Should drop a nuke on Beirut - that will teach them to keep supporting Syrian backed terrorists. If the Lebanese had the balls to get rid of the foreign influences in their country you would have more sympathy for them. They just sit back and let any crazy old mullah tell them what to do. IDF in Beirut in 1 week I reckon!!!

JCousteau said...

What I find personally disquieting are those people who seem to think the suffering of the Lebanese people is in any way equivalent to what the Israelis are going through! Didn't they see that train station in Haifa!

Joe Molnar said...

The London free press editorially are essentially Hezbollah appeasers, touting the ND and Liberal line.
Perhaps if the dynamic duo of Glen Pearson and Jane Roy went to Israel as well instead of getting their stories from Arab television in Beirut and reported on the ball-bearing filled rockets dropping on innocent Israeli civilians, the FP may gain some respect for balanced reporting.
London truly need a conservative news media that is currently nonexistent.

Honey Pot said...

The Roys, what can you say about them.....poor misguided souls. I remember it wasn't that long ago that they were working hard at perpetuating the slave trade in the Sudan, by buying slaves and sitting them free.....only so they could be recaptured and resold again at a tidy profit.

You know, the far left have good hearts, but not a full grown brain cell amongst the lot of them.

Pietr said...

The left lives by gesture, like something caught in a spotlight and starting to dance;only there isn't any spotlight.It's all in their heads.
These people need all their brain cells to concentrate on 'trucking right'.(10cc)
Another song they probably like is Hotel California.
And don't forget McArthur Park.

Mike said...

To say the least, I disagree with JKennedy and Anonymous on nuking this or wiping countries off maps.

It is Hezbollah that must be thoroughly wiped out, their fighters and (especially) leaders killed, *not* the innocent Lebanese that they oppress and mindfuck.

Brent Gilliard said...

Thanks, mike, for bringing some reason to this circle-jerk of anger. I was getting a bit worried when five comments went by before someone suggested pre-emptive genocide might not be in order.

Many, if not most, Lebanese are to blame for being complacent with or supportive of Hezbollah. The country as a whole is not an innocent bystander. You could say Lebanon was criminally negligent.

But most Lebanese haven't taken up arms against Israel, haven't fired rockets at Haifa, and haven't abducted Israeli soldiers. With the exception of a powerful minority, the Lebanese aren't muderers or even guerillas.

It more than unkind to condemn thousands with the punishment meant for a few. Casualties are to be expected in any war, but to suggest that all deaths on one side are just and deserved is a moral oversimplification.

Honey Pot said...

The Lebanese army called up 5,000 reservists last night to prepare for deployment along the border to try to speed up the departure of Israeli forces, the main hurdle to the United Nations security council adopting a ceasefire resolution.- Guaridan unlimited

Looks like the Hezzassholes are being made to don their uniforms to fight Israel. This it will make it so much easier for Israel to take them down. Of course the cowards are doing it under the guise of wanting a cease fire.