Monday, August 28, 2006

Gerard Kennedy discriminates against men and childless women

"On the Path to a Great Emancipation," March 8, 1929. Pravda:

Capitalist “democracy” has not and cannot give freedom to working and laboring women. Working women in all bourgeois countries are economically and politically enslaved. Middle class conventionality has a tenacious vice-grip on daily life. Advanced women workers and revolutionary women proletarians are persecuted. The most brutal blows of capitalist “rationalization,” unemployment, and hunger in the midst of plenty descend upon the female half of the proletariat. Fascism, Catholicism, and reformism with increasingly thoroughness exploit the historical backwardness of women workers in order to split apart the proletarian ranks and strengthen the position of imperialism. The temples of “national government”—what a thing to talk about!—are protected by stone walls which prevent the participation of working women.

Only we in the Soviet Union have at hand all of the preconditions and foundations for the complete emancipation of working women. These preconditions were created and acquired in a severe struggle with enemies, at a time when world history passed over the heights of the great October summit. Only our women have been emancipated in practice, acting as conscious builders of a new society and a new governing commune, and speaking out as active citizens with fully equal rights in the socialist family.

[..] The maximum activism of all women proletarians and conscientious working peasant women is one of the indispensable guarantees of our further successes and our victorious socialist growth. The greatest possible and most inexhaustible activism, the unceasingly creative work of the woman proletarian on all large and “small” fronts of our life, their rigid and total solidarity with the Party—these are the obligatory conditions for our creativity.
You figure Gerard Kennedy has been reading through the Pravda achives in preparation for his campaign? Bullying is wrong unless you are elected by the majority for that purpose. 18 years of indoctrination should set the proletariat straight:
Liberal leadership hopeful Gerard Kennedy is proposing an ambitious plan to erase the wage gap between men and women.

The plan includes dramatically boosting day care spaces, eliminating inequities in the tax system and collaborating with business and labour to make the work force more equitable and hospitable for women.

Kennedy said his plan would not only give working women the income boost they deserve, it would lure up to 1.6 million more women into the work force.

And, given that Canada's work force is aging and poised to begin shrinking, he said the country's future competitiveness may well depend on increasing the pool of female workers.

"It makes a heck of a lot of sense to encourage them," the former Ontario education minister said in an interview.
Taking into consideration Comrade Kennedy's modest goals, his $7 billion five year plan is quite reasonable to encourage the weaker majority with stale and limp carrots.

Stirring the dust over at The Broom.

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PatrickB said...

The really worrying thing is that Kennedy is probably the one who'll emerge victorious from the Liberal leadership race. Rae and Ignatieff are likely to be tied going into the convention, and Kennedy will be everyone's second choice. The Canadian "Jack Kennedy" will look very appeasling to the desperate Liberals.

Kennedy has never held a real job. He's always been on the government/NGO/charity payroll somewhere. His "success" at the Food Bank came largely from the organising skills of his American Number 2. His term as Education Minister was laughable. He spouts neo-Marxist blather at the drop of a hat.

Sounds like an ideal Liberal leader, don't he? Mind you, without the kiss of approval from Power Corp, he'll never make it to the PM's office.