Friday, August 25, 2006

Free health care for everyone except Canadian taxpayers

David McGruer on the Canadian health care agenda:

In July we all heard about Lebanese evacuees being granted delay-free access to Ontario's health care system. First my thoughts turned to how patently unfair it was to take money by force from already burdened taxpayers and give it to people who by definition were not residents of Ontario or Canada. Some people wrote to newspapers complaining their family could not get immediate access so why should some other group? After tossing a few ideas around I realized the issue here is more fundamental than pressure-group fighting over tax dollars, it is the very moral foundation of our health care system.

You see, the premise of our health care system is the slogan "from each according to his ability to each according to his need," that horrible phrase by Karl Marx which has been at the foundation of most of the great human-caused tragedies of the past 100 plus years: the suppression and extinction of life at the hands of socialist Germany, Russia and China. Value is extracted through government force from people who produce and is redistributed according to the Marxist principle stated above to whoever the politicians deem to be in "need."
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HT: Paul McKeever, leader of The Freedom Party.

The Freedom Party opposes health care rationing. See the 2007 Election Platform, specifically page 3 and page 13.