Monday, August 7, 2006

Driving around in circles in London Ontario

The mismanagement and begging continues in our foggy town. The long debated bid to build a 'ring road' is once again being discussed by the city and it turns out they didn't plan for on and off ramps:
There's a major problem with London's first parkway and its potential first leg of a future ring road -- there's no plan for entry or exit ramps.

City hall hasn't taken steps to secure land for ramps along Veterans Memorial Parkway, the former Airport Road, a shocker to politicians when they found out recently.

[..] At an estimated cost of $320 million, it's simply "unaffordable" for a city whose traffic doesn't justify it, argues Vic Cote, the city's finance boss.

[..] Members of council's environment and transportation committee were stunned when they learned at a recent meeting the city hasn't moved to identify and protect or buy land needed for on- and off-ramps if a ring road is built.

"What I don't understand is why those plans were not made years ago," Coun. Bill Armstrong said. "And we just widened this road to four lanes from two. Why wouldn't we look at that issue then?"

Most of the road's major intersections, from River Road in the south to Oxford Street in the north, are crowded with businesses. The city is paying a consultant $300,000 to find solutions, which could include ramps, even service roads.
When one considers the money already spent on the unfinished Hale-Trafalgar train overpass, it is probably a good thing for taxpayers that the city didn't waste money securing land for a project that has not yet been approved. On the other hand, if the unneeded construction of a ring road is passed, it will end up costing taxpayers even more:
. . . with land along most of the road's major intersections already developed, buying land for ramps would cost taxpayers a premium.
The city shouldn't build more roads, but instead fix the ones that already exist. Despite the number of torn up roads this year, many ripped up for sewer and watermain construction, the potholes and bumps are as plentiful as ever. Attempts to fill the numerous potholes throughout the city have been on the whole a dismal failure as the workers entrusted with the task have not figured out that the patched part should be level with the existing pavement.

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Pietr said...

You've got to have a ring road;otherwise you won't be able to instigate inside/outside property area snobbery.