Monday, August 14, 2006

Destroyers vs Builder

Lots of info and links at RelapsedCatholic about the Religion of Peace's pro-war termite gathering in Toronto this weekend.

The Hizb people set up their PA equipment on the back of a pickup truck. Just as they started to speak, a workman at the ROM, about 10 feet away, started whacking away at some steel beams.

A massive “clang” punctured everything the speakers uttered, and soon some of the Hizb supporters turned and started shouting at the workman to quit what he was doing.

People with a clue are aware that construction workers aren’t shrinking violets. Boy did he let fly at the Hizbees. First he swore at them, then he told them he had work to do, he wondered what on Earth they were doing there on a Saturday afternoon, and then questioned if they were Canadian.
He's not the only one clarifying the traditional Canadian position on Islamic totalitarianism. Inspiring feel-good video linked at Darcey's of a Canadian raid on a Taliban compound.

Update: I'm not one to say "bring the boys home", but it looks like there is some cleanup for them in Aisle 8.

With dispatch, please. In the meantime:
Imagine - everywhere, nationwide and worldwide that these dhimmies go to openly advocate the islamist takeover of the free world, an army of us descending upon them en mass with cameras, then uploading pictures of their faces, their cars and license plates to a Wikipedia-style database of islamofascist collaborators...

It may well be time for the citizen blogosphere militia to rise up and begin the process of sytematically identifying our enemies and naming names.

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Pietr said...

They'd fight it 'legally' as an infringement of their 'human' rights.