Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Success is failure and failure is success

Karen De Coster, on the poverty of false entitlements:

I saw a t-shirt recently, being worn by a woman who had the total look of a public school teacher. Her shirt said, "Failure is Success." This statement is, of course, turning the act of "trying" into a heroic act on its own. It's how we have dumbed down human life in order that we may all finish in first place and take home a cheap, plastic trophy. Of course, this is the sort of brainwashing that comes from the public schools. Whereas success is an attainment or realization, failure is the lack thereof. But in a world awash with touchy-feely self-esteem boosting, the definition of words is trivial as compared to a person's puffed-up self-image before the world.

A successful event accomplishes its intended purpose. A failed event is the non-realization of an intended purpose. Failure may be a path to success, but attainment is the key that turns failure into success. There will always be those who cannot stand the thought of inequality in terms of results, thus the redefining of words serves the ends they covet: everyone is equally successful. Trying = succeeding. Failure can't possibly occur. We can all feel good about our efforts. Nothing left to discuss.
HT: Billy Beck

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Pietr said...

In conditions of non-comparative, non-relative, absolute individual freedom, we do all come first;in our own lives.
School is sick and unhealthy precisely because it forces us to compete in a moral sense.
The error of the teacher is to foster the illusion that we are 'best' when she should be teaching that we are 'good'.