Saturday, July 8, 2006

St. Basil in Ecstasy

I've often wrestled with the fact I get so hot and bothered looking at reproductions of the Virgin Mary, but now I don't feel so ashamed. For some folks the Bible and kinky sex are not mutually exclusive.

Condoms. Lube. Vibrating panties. All are part of Joy Wilson's mission to better serve the Christian community.

From her home in Ventura, Calif., the 35-year-old mother of two runs, where she sells sex toys for married Christian couples.
. . .

Wilson, whose favourites include a warming lubricant and the Screaming O, a disposable vibrating ring that lasts for 25 to 30 minutes, said most of her website traffic is driven by word of mouth and links from, a popular romance and intimacy site for married Christian couples.

. . .

One of Wilson's most enthusiastic customers, Kim Preschern, said she and her husband wanted to add a little pizzazz to their already healthy sex life but always felt "yucky" about their experiences in sex stores . . . The California couple's favourite purchase? A pair of remote-control vibrating faux leather panties she wears out in public. "It's fun and nobody else knows," Preschern said.

Now, the idea that true believers can buy vibrating panties on line (and wear them in public), leaves me driven to distraction: "Gee whiz, I couldn't help but notice Mrs. Preschern's glazed eyes and lower lip quivering all through last week's sermon!"

What better way to pass the time during a particularly dull sermon and "turn on" to God?


Pietr said...


Mack the Plain Little Turtle said...

Mary with baby. The painting gave me a strange feeling of deja vu. Now I know why:

Christianity: "reason is futile".

The Mayor said...

I wonder how Ranulf, the Crusading Bishop of Caen would react to finding this when he rode into town. Never one for the subtuties of doctrine, Ranulf prefered simple and obedient liturgical models, his whims backed up by the massed steel of his private army of battle veterans.

Billy Beck said...

That sculpture of St. Teresa -- I just read about that in Durant, the other night. Cornaro Chapel (Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome), by Giovanni Bernini, 1652. Durant called it "one of the triumphs of Italian baroque".

It really is a beautiful piece of work.