Monday, July 17, 2006

Psycho Killer

Perceptive, intelligent, deep thinking popular musicians have long stood for freedom, sticking it to the man, and getting all wacky at arenas after paying $100 for tickets. David Byrne continues in that tradition, explaining the omission of the track "Qu'ran" from the recent reissue of the excellent "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts".

There's tons of things you can think of that they don't print, that they don't say, that they tiptoe around very carefully. It is a form of censorship, but that's also the way people are as animals -- that you don't unnecessarily provoke people unless you really are looking for a fight. And you do self-censor certain things, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. That's just the way human social interaction works.

And I thought, that seems kind of reasonable. So my opinion was that somebody certainly has the right to do cartoons that make fun of somebody else's religion. But to reprint them just to provoke a fight and just to provoke it like thumbing your nose at someone else and going, "What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it?" Which is kind of what it is. Then it's kind of like, "Well, if you keep doing that, somebody will do something about it."
I always thought Talking Heads were a rather shitty band -- and I'm sure a diverse segment of society shares my values. As offensive as their CDs might be, it is blaming the victim to get angry at the radio, or at little shiny pieces of plastic. We must never lost sight of the root cause of the music of Talking Heads: the band itself. I certainly wouldn't ever get violent about it, but you never know who might.

Anyways, shitty band or not, music itself is a sin for a broad spectrum of society. Yes, it is true; every time David Byrne opens his mouth to serenade the world, an Islamic angel cries and sharpens his sword with the tears.

Will he now, finally, be silent, and quit provoking music fans and Mohammed fans alike? Show some respect, David.

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Mack the Plain Little Turtle said...

I don't think it's merely coincidental that half of the song "Psycho Killer" - whose main character proposes that he'd better "run run run run run run away" from the psycho killer - is written and sung in...french. Maybe Byrne is making a comment of some sort?