Thursday, July 20, 2006

Playing apolitical for political gain

The London Free Press reports that a rally "to demand action from the federal government over the Mideast conflict" is expected by organizers to draw a "huge turnout" on Saturday in front of the JLC. Organizers, who include the Association of London Muslims and People for Peace as well as church groups, make three demands of the government:

  • oppose all aggression and condemn war crimes against civilians
  • take steps toward protecting Canadian citizens there
  • provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the fighting.
Said Faisal Joseph, chairman of the Association of London Muslims:
"I want to keep politics out of this."
With demands like those, what part of "politics" doesn't he understand?

From a London Free Press poll (snapshot taken at 20:25 July 20 — poll results not archived):

Terence Corcoran:
Coming soon: A United Nations declaration that, in the event of war, insurgence and other disasters, all people have the right to instant logistics. When the bombs fall, get me out of here, NOW! And send the bill to the government. Where's my cruise ship?

[…] The logistical nightmare is obvious to everybody except, understandably, the people on the ground desperate to leave Lebanon. But there is no good reason to transmit their personal frustration and expectation back to Canada as a failure of government. There are no existing commitments by any government to provide full passage to safety. Foreign Affairs plainly states on its travel advisory services in emergencies it can help only in limited ways. It will, for example, "assist in arranging evacuation in the event of war." Assist in arranging, not find the boat and book the flight and pay for the tickets.

By any standard, the Canadian government -- and that of all the other nations whose citizens want out of Lebanon -- is providing service beyond the call of existing policy.


Anonymous said...

Lets see now:

1.Oppose all aggression and condemn war crimes against civilians.

So there should be bold and far reaching steps taken to stop Hezbollah attacks against civilians in Israel and Lebanon

2.Take steps toward protecting Canadian citizens there.

Eliminating the ability of the Hezbollah to operate should protect Canadians, Lebanese and people of any nationality living and working in Lebanon

3.Provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the fighting.

Of course the humanitarian agencies need a safe environment to operate. See a and b.

[sarcasm] I am sure we will see wholescale commendation of Hezbollah and their sponsors in Iran for creating these conditions in the Middle East this Saturday [/sarcasm]

Mike said...

The sights and sounds at this rally should be meticulously documented.

London Fog stringers, please send us reports and photographs!

Mike said...

Found at Angry:

Some of the rockets launched against Haifa over the past two days contained hundreds of metal ball bearings that are of limited use against military targets but cause great harm to civilians and civilian property. The ball bearings lodge in the body and cause serious harm.

I'm sure this will quickly become a focal point of this rally and London Judenfrei Press coverage. I'm absolutely positive it's all about protecting innocent human life. I am a believer.

Pietr said...

The Israelis were definitely not planning for war.
When I was there in the early 90's I saw some dodgy Arabs playing with handfuls of ball-bearings just before the Maccabi Games.
So off I go to the Police and tell them.
"No no," they say, "the Arabs aren't like the IRA, they would never do that."
But they appreciated the gesture(mostly) and I scored cigarettes and coffee.