Monday, July 17, 2006

One portion fits all

The people of London Ontario are currently experiencing Global Warming. Taking the humidex factor into consideration, it has been over 40 degrees here for the past few days. I understand that other regions of the world, including areas of Canada, are also very hot right now. If people ate less crap, people would be less flatulent and so the levels of methane gas would be less and the move toward a freezing climate progressively closer. Our comrades south of the border are doing their best to prevent the Thames River from reaching boiling temperatures next year. Rationing is our only hope!

From the Washington Post:

Those heaping portions at restaurants -- and doggie bags for the leftovers -- may be a thing of the past, if health officials get their way.

The government is trying to enlist the nation's eateries in the fight against obesity.

With hamburgers, french fries and pizza the top three eating-out favorites, restaurants are in a prime position to help improve people's diets, a government-commissioned report said yesterday.

The report, funded by the Food and Drug Administration, lays out ways to help people manage their intake of calories from the growing number of meals prepared away from home, including at the nation's nearly 900,000 restaurants and other establishments that serve food. One of the first things on the list: cutting portion sizes.
Does the report also recommend passing laws making it illegal to sell customers more than one governmental approved portion in an appropriately legislated time frame? Should the grocery store owner be held responsible if the dissatisfied and still hungry customer stops off on the way home and buys a couple of bags of doritos? It's more likely they would go after the restaurant owner for failing to "know" that the patron would eat more after he left the establishment. Like the bar owners, it should be the responsibility of restaurant owners and their employees to reduce portions according to predicted consumption habits of their patrons.
The report does not explicitly link dining out with the rising tide of obesity, but it does cite numerous studies that suggest there is a connection.
And a suggestion by self-serving bureaucrats is too often all it takes to influence the lawmakers.

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And for the kiddies, "a sandwich, an apple and a drink with some crap dessert. These are foods that children call *expendable*. In other words, it's trash-time for Lunch 4 kids."

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