Tuesday, July 25, 2006

London's newspaper of selective record

Remember the remonstrations of organizers of the "peace" rally at the JLC this past Saturday, the one demanding of the federal government that it "oppose all aggression and condemn war crimes against civilians," among other demands?

"We really want to focus on peace and keep it focused on peace…"

"We really don’t want any politics involved…"

"I want to keep politics out of this…"
Instantly recognizable as press release-style blandishments for public consumption, they were nevertheless predictably distributed — not once but twice — by a conciliatory London Free Press as anxious itself to believe in the power of wishful-thinking as much as anything else. Contentions irrefutable, of course, except by evidence that was itself entirely predictable. From a letter to the editor (link not archived):
I am a Canadian who has listened with outrage to the stories of what my fellow Canadians have been suffering in Lebanon. I have cried and prayed for the families of Ab Chahbar and others I have heard about.

I support the efforts of our government to remove these Canadians from Lebanon, no matter what the cost. I have, however, been discouraged at the attitude of some of the refugees. An honest "thank you" would be more appropiate, I think. However, I do understand that these people have been through a horrific time and are probably under great stress.

It was in this spirit that I attended the "peace" rally at the John Labatt Centre on Saturday. I was disgusted to see pro-Hezbollah and Hamas flags and scarves among the Lebanese flags. I understand that these groups have been declared terrorist organizations by our government. Was it not these groups that entered the sovereign nation of Israel, kidnapping its soldiers and bombing its civilians? Are not these groups the very ones that have caused the recent tragedies for our citizens caught in Lebanon?

Why did I hear only Israel condemned in speech after speech and the Harper government criticized?

Was this really a "peace" rally in support of our fellow Canadians caught in a country at war, or only an opportunity to support a terrorist organization?

Cindy Theriault

Like the Free Press reporters, we are supposed to simply imagine the "peace" and "non-political"-ness of the rally. Compare the pre-rally coverage of the Free Press with its sympathetically benign, tear-jerking and conspicuously apolitical reporting of the rally, Rally seeks Mideast peace. What a rag…

Thanks to Honey Pot for pointing out the letter to the editor in the comments section.


Pietr said...

Like John Lennon?
Are we now to conclude that the sixties was just a pile of wishful thinking and that now, the velvet glove is finally slipping off the surgical steel fingers of the welfarists?

Pietr said...

While I'm at it, was anyone aware that the Lebanese Government gave seats to Hizbollah in their parliament?
HT to Sky News.
(not BBC).

Pietr said...

And another thing; what happened to the good old days, when Lightning Interceptors would go up to meet Russian intruder aircraft approaching our coasts?
I believe the reconnaissance versions were known as 'Optical Illyushins'.