Thursday, July 20, 2006

Give me air conditioning or give me death

From the National Post:

In Cyprus, 261 weary evacuees disembarked from the 62-metre Blue Dawn, Passengers said the trip across the eastern Mediterranean was difficult, without air conditioning, adequate water and provisions for the ill.

“It was hell,” cried one woman wheeling her baby away from the boat in a stroller.

Canada provided the worst service to its nationals of any country, said Caroline Nohra of Montreal.

“Everybody was vomiting on everybody,” said Nohra. “It was very miserable. The kids were scared, screaming, panicking.”

She added, “I would have preferred to stay in Lebanon than come this way, the way we were treated, like animals.”
Perhaps ungrateful people such as Nohra would like to return? The voyage on the way back to Lebanon to rescue more people is sure to be less crowded. Being treated like an "animal" for just over a day is a small price to pay considering the alternative is potentially being blown up or turned into a human shield should you have remained.

HT: Honey Pot in comments, here.

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Anonymous said...

I can't watch any more of the footage of the whiny Canadians who are demanding a first-class ticket out of Lebanon. Since most don't pay taxes in Canada, how will you be paying for this, sir? Perhaps you'd like to book your next evacuation out of hell with another country? Please come again, and thank you for flying Liberal Air.

My heart is aching for the mothers holding their babies who didn't have the foresight to "escape" to Canada and then return indefinitely to Lebanon. Those quasi-Canadians should be ashamed of themselves. I have never been so embarassed to be a Canadian.

Honey Pot said...

Lebanese-Canadians in need will be able to make an application for social assistance, the community and social services ministry said.

Angela Hoyt, a spokesman for the Canadian Red Cross, said evacuees will be met at airports.

"For the first 72 hours, the Red Cross will be the lead agency providing shelter and assistance," she said.

Evacuees who don't have homes in Canada will likely be put up at hotels near airports initially, she said.

Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mike Colle said the province will provide $200,000 for humanitarian assistance, including $100,000 to the Red Cross. - Toronto Sun

I wonder if the hotels will be good enough for them to park their ungrateful fat asses in. Canada's immigration policy really needs a good overhaul. I am amazed how many people didn't realize that someone can come here from another country, apply for citizenship, work for a few years and be entitled to all the pensions/ benefits, and then fuck off to their country of orgin without ever having to pay taxes.

No wonder Canada is the biggest fucking joke in the world. We're pretty stupid as a people.

Ian Scott said...

I have to admit - if people were vomiting on me and my children, I'd call that "hell" as well.

That part of the voyage, as well as the fact that Israel held the ship and blockaded it for 3 or 4 hours, and then sent the ship on a long detoured route to Cyprus has been confirmed.

I bet that was pretty "hellish" for the passengers. I'd characterize it as that, I'm sure.

As far as Nohra is concerned, well - there were many others who did express thankfulness. And yes, admitted to the hellish conditions whilst expressing thankfulness. But it appears that some of our Journalists and news reporters kept that part in the back of the news reports, and focussed on a few like Nohra.

Honey Pot said...

Israel has every right to stop and check the boats leaving. Terrorist are known to be cowards, to run and hide amongst civilians to escape. Canada is known as a dumber than dogshit country, and has a track record of harbouring terrorist. If I were Israel, I would be stopping them and checking them out too. Israel knows we are the retarded cousins of the USA, and there was never any fear of them bombing the boats. Can't say that about the Hezassholes. They would kill thier own children to appease their evil god, and his evil cause.

Ian Scott said...

They blockaded it. Blockade doesn't mean "stop and check." It means "stop."

But whatever Israel's "rights" are, a journey of 14 hours with people vomiting on you, when normally that journey is half the time or less, could be "hell" for some people.

Anonymous said...

Not as much "hell" as the alternative, no?

I have 2 small children too but I would never confuse this type of evacuation with a prepaid vacation with the accompanying entitlements. And as for those passport-holders who wanted the government to stand by at the ready in every country where these foolish, foolish people have chosen to put themselves and their families in danger, I say: with whose tax dollars? The majority of the evacuated passport-holders (sorry I am having trouble calling them Canadians) make their permanent homes in Lebanon, they are not vacationing there. Thank you, Liberals!

Honey Pot said...

BEIRUT—In Hezbollah's south Beirut stronghold, Israel's determination to wipe out the militia group smoulders from the rubble of a community laid to waste.

Nowhere in Lebanon has the bombing been so concentrated, or the devastation so thorough. The main targets were the headquarters and offices of Hezbollah, but a once lively and densely populated community has paid the price.

"These buildings are all civilian buildings," said Hezbollah spokesperson Hussein Nabulsi, standing at a crossroads where devastation spread as far as the eye could see. "Yes, the people support Hezbollah. But they are civilians."-Toronto Star

Now this is the mentality of the Hezassholes. The fucktard of a spokesperson, "honest-to-allah" believes that Israel is somehow wrong in fighting back. The fuckwit wants the world to feel outrage because Hezassholes, who are cowards, who hide behind woman and children, are getting their asses kicked. They are less than animals. Animals will at least protect their young.

Ian Scott said...

"Not as much "hell" as the alternative, no? "

Your strawman. They weren't addressing the alternative. They were addressing the voyage itself.

I once referred to a hospital stay as "hell" when someone asked my my opinion on what it was like. Sure, there were some medical staff providing me with treatment in order to assist my recovery; but it was still "hell."

Anonymous said...

My what?

I know exactly what they're referring to, my point is that they're lucky to be holding the right passport. I'm glad to see more footage showing evacuees giving the Conservative government credit for their efforts.

PS Labour was hell too but I can temper a conversation about childbirth with the blessings associated with it.

Honey Pot said...

They were whinging, complainning. Some even stupid enough to say they would have preferred to stay there in Lebanon. Half of them will be going back anyway. Many looked of the age that they will be called to serve in the Lebanon army to fight Israel soon enough. No doubt the Lebanese army will provide air conditioned fox holes, and clean shithouses on the battlefield.

Ian Scott said...

"My what?"

Your strawman.

In logic, it is defined as thus:

2: a weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted

Your argument was a sham. The discussion was about the voyage, not the alternative to the voyage.

"They were whinging, complainning."

I'd be complaining as well if I had someone else's vomit on me.

"Some even stupid enough to say they would have preferred to stay there in Lebanon."

Some? Or the record of one person saying that?

So, what about all the others that there is no record of them saying this? They don't count?

"Half of them will be going back anyway"

Is that a fact?

"Many looked of the age that they will be called to serve in the Lebanon army to fight Israel soon enough."

Is that a fact? Some of them will be called to serve... soon? You know this, how exactly?

Honey Pot said...

Part of holding dual citizenship Ian. You have to serve in the military in Lebanon, if you hold it. Surely they care enough about their country of orgin, who went out of their way to make sure they were comfortable on their trip back to Canada, that they would gladly go back and get their heads blown off for the Hezassholes.

I know you wouldn't bother to listen to a thing like a radio or televsion news to obtain information Ian. In your world, unless it comes from you, it doesn't exist. They, (more than one), were whinging and ugrateful.

They have changed their tune, when they were ridiculed by the press, but nontheless, they still whinged. They must do it in private now, while they sit in their paid for by the Canadian taxpayer luxury suites, thinking of ways to sue the Canadian government for their rough journey to freedom.

Ian Scott said...

" Part of holding dual citizenship Ian. You have to serve in the military in Lebanon, if you hold it."

Are you purposely telling lies? Or do you bother to actually research your assertions before you publish them?

Lebanase Military Service:

"Every Lebanese whose age is 18 and not more than 33 years old is exempted or postponed in the following cases:"

"Case 17: Those who live outside Lebanon including the Arab countries for minimum one year for their legal residence.
Concerning the concept of staying abroad:
The individual is considered staying abroad in the following cases:
- As he obtains the foreign nationality.
- As he obtains a student visa or temporary stay terms determined by the concerned authorities of the residence country for the whole declared period to benefit from the temporary or full exemption."

Official Lebanase Military Website:

"I know you wouldn't bother to listen to a thing like a radio or televsion news to obtain information Ian. In your world, unless it comes from you, it doesn't exist"

Your insane assertion. I have provided sources for my assertions on several occassions. They were not invented in my head, like it appears many of your assertions have been.

I have seen the assertion of one person saying "it would have been better to stay in Lebanan." I'd gladly take a look at others who said that as well, if you can provide it.

Regarding the complaining... as I said, I'd be complaining as well if I was in a situation where people were vomiting on me.

Honey Pot said...

Case 17: Remark:
- Obtaining one or more consecutive stays in a certain country is not enough as a proof of real stay abroad.
- Stay documents emanating from the declaration of the applicant, a work or a company certificates are not accepted, even if they were certified by the official authorities according to the law.
- The availability of all documents is the proof to the right of the applicant to get an exemption. Lebanese general consulates might adopt the stay terms abroad other than the adopted country, if verification were based on the required official papers.
- Is not beneficiary from a temporary or full exemption due to the stay abroad, the applicant who managed to obtain a tourist visa after 10/4/2001 or the applicant who illegally leaves the Lebanese territories and stays abroad with no legal postponement.

They live there in Lebanon Ian. They get their Canadian citizenship and they go back and live in their country of origin, until something like a war breaks out. No way were there 50,000 Lebanese Canadians on vacation. They want to thank their lucky stars Canada came and rescued them, or they would be conscripted faster than you can say Israel is going to kick our asses. I am just saying they would surely go back and fight for their country. If they didn't fight for thier country they would be considered cowardly opportunist wouldn't they?

The only other way out of being conscripted is if you got a brother martyred from some previous retarded war they had going on.

Ian Scott said...

Your comment with the exemptions to the exemptions still has NOTHING to do with your original statement, "Part of holding dual citizenship Ian. You have to serve in the military in Lebanon, if you hold it."

Your statement is a LIE. Instead of correcting your Lying Assertion, now you want to post some other exemptions to the exemptions, that have little to do with your original LIE.

Maybe it is indeed true - any faith based irrational, lying persons who assert lies - well the world would be better off without them. (My Sarcasm, of course).

Ian Scott said...

"The only other way out of being conscripted is if you got a brother martyred from some previous retarded war they had going on.

This is also a LIE. There are other exemptions. Did you not read the page I referred you to? You cherry pick and lie about the facts. You continue to use just the ones that support your irrational and mystic beliefs.

Honey Pot said...

...and furthermore Ian, there is no such thing as human rights in these countries. The muslim population would use any charter or constitution that was drawn up to wipe their asses. They are ruled by some barbaric code derived from the Qur'an.

Ian Scott said...

Ah, so now you want to leave your LYING Assertions, and discuss "human rights."

I'll have no problem agreeing with you that what I hold as self evident truths, the inherent rights of man, are not recognized in many countries throughout the world.

In fact, I can't think of ANY countries in the world that fully and completely recognize inherent rights of man.

What has this got to do with your fantastical LIES, your insane assertions, or whether someone would be complaining about conditions on a boat where folks were vomiting on them?

Honey Pot said...

...Knock! Knock! anyone to fuck home? Ian that is from that website you were throwing out there like it was the holy bible.

Case 2:
Sons of parents who have lost one of them as a martyr in one of the main institutions or forces mentioned in the previous article.

1. Brothers of martyrs:
Required documents:
- A certified official family identity document.
- A document issued by the Staff Headquarters or the proper authority certifying the situation.

2. Brothers of the one who is treated as a martyr:
A 90% incapacitated soldier is considered a military martyr if the handicap has been caused during the service and should present a document issued by the Staff Headquarters or the proper authorities certifying the incapacity

Required documents:
- A certified official family identity document.
- A document issued by the Staff Headquarters or the proper authorities certifying the incapacity.

Ian there are degrees of civility. Some countries are not allowed to evolve because of their religion and customs. I would say that the majority of the middle east would be one of them

Ian Scott said...

Seriously, are you insane? Let's go back to that webpage again:

"Case1: A former soldier who has served for minimum one full year in the one of the main institutions of the National Ministry of Defense, the General Office of the Superior Defense Council, in the Internal Security Forces the public security, the State Security Forces, the Customs, or the Police of the Parliament. As well as anyone who was demobilized from on of the mentioned institutions for health reasons."

Anything about one's brother being martyred in there? Nope.

"Case 3:
A single child for his father or mother or for both of them or the son of the unknown parents:"

Anything about a brother's martyrdom in there?


"Case 4:
Clergymen who are practicing their religious duties, each one according to his religion: What is meant by a practitioner religious man, the one who is devoted to his practices for at least a full year before getting thirty three years old and wearing the correlative legitimate dress with this devote or without it."

Anything about a brother's martyrdom in there?


"Case 5:
A Person suffering from an incurable disease or from any disability preventing him from accomplishing his flag service."

Anything about a brother's martyrdom in there?


"Case 6:
A persons who has adjourned the date of his enlistment for medical reasons throughout 3 consecutive years because of the same disease."

Anything about a brother's martyrdom in there?

"Case 7:
A person sentenced to five years or more in prison "

Anything about a brother's martyrdom in there?


Ok... there are a bunch more exemptions that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH a brother being martyred in war.

Seriously, Honey Pot, would it be fair of me to wonder if you are using some sort of listening device to "read" web pages, because you have lost your sight? If so, you really need to get that listening device and/or software that runs it, serviced.

Otherwise, there is no god damned excuse for you trying to perpetuate your LIES.

Ian Scott said...

And I'm still waiting for you to come with proof or even a tiny bit of evidence for this assertion:

"Some even stupid enough to say they would have preferred to stay there in Lebanon."

We know there is evidence that one person indicated this. But you said "some."

Or this just another one of your fanciful invented out of your head projections?

Or do you just don't mind writing out lies when it suits you? Seriously, if you can find me a source to support your assertion that there were more than one persons who said they would have preferred to stay in Lebanan, I'll take back this comment and my suggestion that on this issue, you are lying and insanely projecting words onto other people cannot be proven were said.

Honey Pot said...

Ian I am glad you aren't a Lebanese army official. I know I would have to keep bits and pieces of my suicide bomber brother's body, in a a plastic sandwich bag in the deep freeze, before you would believe my claim to having a martyr in the family.

Ian Scott said...

"Ian I am glad you aren't a Lebanese army official. I know I would have to keep bits and pieces of my suicide bomber brother's body, in a a plastic sandwich bag in the deep freeze, before you would believe my claim to having a martyr in the family."

Another sign of your insane thinking.

You asserted: "The only other way out of being conscripted is if you got a brother martyred from some previous retarded war they had going on"

I've shown this to be an outright lie.

I may be incorrect, but I don't believe that one of the exemptions for conscriptees in the US, during the last time there was conscription (Viet Nam War) included a brother being killed in the line of duty as a police officer or fireman (note that "martyred" is the term used, where we would use "killed in the line of duty").

Anyhow, I'm done for the day, debating irrational minds so others can see how irrational, subjective, and yes.. how low they can go to the point of even stooping to outright lies in order to justify their mystical beliefs.

Honey Pot said...

You haven't shown me anything Ian, except that you are a bit touched. That is ok, I prefer my opponets to be on the fanatical side of things. Just that much more fun to argue with.

Ian Scott said...

One last comment that I forgot, earlier to show Honey Pot's insane thinking:

"Ian I am glad you aren't a Lebanese army official. I know I would have to keep bits and pieces of my suicide bomber brother's body, in a a plastic sandwich bag in the deep freeze, before you would believe my claim to having a martyr in the family."

You don't have to be dead to be considered a "martyr":

"A 90% incapacitated soldier is considered a military martyr if the handicap has been caused during the service and should present a document issued by the Staff Headquarters or the proper authorities certifying the incapacity."

Honey Pot said...

Thanks for the info Ian, I will pass it on to the suicide bombers families.

Here ye! Here ye! you fucked up bunch of muslim imbeciles. You don't have to strap bombs on your unwanted children to get a good whack of dosh from your government, and a higher rank in the muslim community. Just cut off their arms and leggs, poke thier eyes out, and cut their tongues off. You too can be sitting pretty in downtown Bahgdad being revered by the terrorist organizations and fellow muslims.

Ian Scott said...

" Thanks for the info Ian, I will pass it on to the suicide bombers families."

You do that.

Bear in mind that we were originally discussing your lie about Lebanese Army requirements. If you check out that website again, there's no mention of suicide bombers. So, I'm not sure what this has to do with our original discussion and your continuing lies which you continue to fail to retract.

Honey Pot said...

Ian are you trying to suggest that suicide bombers are not held in high esteem in the muslim culture/religion/political system? You better look again. Strapping a bomb on yourself and killing non-muslims is considered one of the most honorable things you can do for your fucked up god, according to the muslim culture/religion/political system.

Ian Scott said...

What has this got to do with regard to your assertion about required military service in Lebanan?

Absolutely nothing. Are you going to retract your lies about what dual citizenship requires as far as Lebanese military?

Honey Pot said...

Ian, it not a lie, you are required to serve in the Lebonese army if you hold dual citizenship. Here is a recent example. It is bullshit that there are any exemptions. This is an uncivilized part of the world. They will arm every man, woman, child and dog in the country. Don't be so stupid

Taghred Chandab
July 16, 2006

AT least three Australian men holidaying in Lebanon could be conscripted into the Lebanese Army and forced to fight if that country decides to defend itself against Israeli attacks.

Under Lebanese law, Ziad Adasi, 25, of Guildford, Anthony El Fanj, 22, and his friend Nabil Saray Eldin, 22, both of Greenacre, might be forced into six months' compulsory military service because they are dual citizens.

The Sydney trio, stranded in Lebanon by Israel's air and sea blockade, were told by local authorities they must provide documents that meet exemption criteria from military duty.

Mr Adasi and Mr El Fanj had their passports confiscated when they arrived in the country three weeks ago. Mr Eldin said he avoided having his passport taken because he convinced customs officers he could not speak or understand Arabic.

Mr El Fanj, who is visiting Lebanon for the first time, said: "I have spent the last few weeks running around trying to get my passport back and get all the paperwork done."

Mr Adasi had his passport returned after appearing in a military court on Thursday, but said it was useless because he could not use it to get out of the country.

He said he went to Lebanon with the necessary documents but the Israeli offensive made it difficult for him to obtain an exemption.

Meanwhile, a Victorian mother spent her 45th birthday sheltering in a relative's home in Beirut while her sons in Melbourne tried to make contact to find out if she was safe.

Dahouk White said she was on holiday with her 72-year-old mother, Louhad Talj, when Israeli forces began bombing.

Source: The Sun-Herald

Honey Pot said...

"He said he went to Lebanon with the necessary documents but the Israeli offensive made it difficult for him to obtain an exemption."- Mr El Fanj

Now this is priceless. Lebanon is a fucked up country, ran by muslim terrorist, who have about as much regard for human life as they do for a ham sandwich, and it is Israel's fault Mr. Fanj is being conscripted. Your own fault Mr. Fanj for being stupid enough to hold dual citizenship.

Ian Scott said...

It is a lie, because there are exemptions. Exemptions at this point in time could be "difficult" for a number of reasons - not just the "reason" you think.

Lebanan is not run by Muslim "terrorists." Again, your ignorance is showing through quite nicely.

Honey Pot said...

Oh piss off Ian, it is so. Hezzasholes are muslim terrorist supported by Syria and Iran. That is who is calling the shots, that is who the Lebanese people are hiding and supporting. That is who the Lebanese people are willing to die for. Watch the fucking news, and listen to the praise of the Hezzassholes by the Lebanese people. Why isn't the Lebanese governement, and its army trying to stop the Hezzassholes? They are not trying to stop them because they are one in the same. End of fucking story.

Ian Scott said...

You piss off! :)

I imagine you would also try to assert that the Irish Republic during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, because they couldn't control the IRA within it's borders, was responsible for IRA terrorism?

I guess it is the end of your "fucking story," because you believe the fantasies in your mind.

Pietr said...

Funny thing happened to a Canadian relative of mine; she was going from London to Toronto by British Airways with her young child.
The 747 had just flown in from Delhi, and there was a lot of sickness on board.The toilets were all broken and the cabin was so awash with vomit that the crew put blankets down to maintain their footing.

The flight lasted 7 hours.
She got to Canada in one piece.She doesn't fly BA anymore.
Her ralative used to work for CBC News, but oddly enough she didn't call a Vox Pop on Front Street to announce her trip from 'hell'.
She didn't even ask for her money back,and the flight wasn't cheap.

She must just have been made of sterner stuff.

Oh, and Honey Pot, FYI, the Irish Government mobilised its army in 1968-69 to prepare to send help to the Provisional IRA in Belfast.
This was stepped down to channeling weapons as military aid.
Their sympathies lasted a lot longer.

And yes, there were Catholic Priests in the IRA.
These are facts.
Anybody claiming otherwise needs medicating.

Honey Pot said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That I know about very well Ian. Spent many a catechism, as a child, being brained washed about their god whislt sitting on a long box.

Honey Pot said...

let's see, it is Sunday morning...Ian hasn't responded yet. He must be at church. hehe

Ian Scott said...

"let's see, it is Sunday morning...Ian hasn't responded yet. He must be at church. hehe"

No. I was enjoying carnal pleasure in the bed of a woman that I like very much, actually.

Honey Pot said...

...hmmm, really. She didn't happen to be wearing the kitchen curtains, and knew enough to genuflect every time you walked in the room did she? Some men just prefer their women that way.

Ian Scott said...

No, as a matter of fact, she didn't. She was quite naked most of the time, and very sexually liberated. That's the way I prefer my women with whom I enjoy carnal pleasure with. That way, I feel much more comfortable reciprocating in pleasurable inhibitionism.

How do you like your men, Honey Pot?

gm said...

Hanged From a Crane Aged 16 (Justice Iran Style)
The Mirror (uk) ^ | 23 July 2006 | Susie Boniface

IT WAS exactly 6am and the start of another blisteringly hot summer day when 16-year-old Atefeh Rajabi was dragged from her prison cell and taken to be executed.

Every step of the way the troubled teenager plagued by mental problems shouted "repentance, repentance" as the militiamen marched her to the town's Railway Square.

The Iranian judge who had sentenced Atefeh to death was left unmoved as he personally put the noose around her neck and signalled to the crane driver.

Kicking and screaming, Atefeh was left dangling for 45 minutes from the arm of the crane as the crowd sobbed and - under their breath - damned the mullahs.

Atefeh's crime? Offending public morality. She was found guilty of "acts incompatible with chastity" by having sex with an unmarried man, even though friends say Atefeh was in such a fragile mental state that she wasn't in a position to say no.

But Judge Haji Rezaii was determined she should hang, regardless of the rules of international law which say only adults over 18 can be executed, and that the courts have a duty to children and the mentally ill.

Advertisement Falk AdSolution

The brutal end to Atefeh's short life has shone a new light on Iran's Shariah law, where adultery, theft and rape all carry the same punishment - death. Officially around 100 people - some just children like Atefeh - are executed each year. But human rights groups say the true figure could be much higher in a country where only half of the women can read, only one in 10 have a job and two-thirds are beaten in their homes.

Life was never easy for Atefeh, who was brought up in the industrial town of Neka, 250 miles from Tehran and close to the Caspian Sea. Her mother died when she was a child and her father Ghasseem, a heroin addict, left her grandparents to bring her up. She suffered from bi-polar disorder, which led to severe mood swings from hyperactivity to depression. Worried parents told their children to stay away from her - something many regret now. "Perhaps we should have helped her instead," said Hamid. "I think the death of her mother had a devastating effect. Before that, she was a normal girl. Her mother was everything to her. After she died, there was no one to look after her."

Mina, a childhood friend, said Atefeh was abused by a close relative. "She never dared talk about it with an adult," said Mina. "If she had told her teacher they'd have called her a whore. Tell the police? They lock you up and rape you." Atefeh first appeared in court, accused of having sex with an unmarried man at 14. Over the next two years she was accused of the same crime with different men.

They denied it and were sentenced to the lash and then released. But Atefeh pleaded guilty and each time received 100 lashes and a prison term. Mina said: "Atefeh sometimes talked about what these 'moral' Islamic policemen did to her while she was in jail. She still had nightmares about that. Atefeh said her mood swings made it easy for men to take advantage of her, and that most of her lovers were in the security force."

Two of them were members of the anti-vice militia. They encouraged other men to sign statements saying Atefeh had engaged in vice, and even claimed she had AIDS.

It was when Atefeh appeared before Judge Rezaii for a fourth time that she lost her temper - and also her life. In a rage she tore off her hi jab - a headscarf - and told the judge she had been raped and it was his duty to punish her tormentors, not their victim.

Rezaii told her she would hang for her "sharp tongue" and that he would put the noose around her neck himself. It became a personal crusade as he travelled to Tehran and convinced the Supreme Court to uphold his verdict.

Two petitions by her friends, saying she was mentally unwell, were ignored. Her father produced her birth certificate proving she was 16. Yet the judges "decreed" she was 22.

Atefeh also wrote to the Supreme Court: "There are medical documents that prove I have a weak nerve and soul. In some minutes of the day and night I lose my sanity. In a society where an insane person can be serially raped it is no wonder that a person like me is the victim of such an ugly act."

The day before she died she wrote again, saying: "Repentance, repentance, repentance." In Iranian law anyone who shows remorse has an automatic stay of execution and a right to appeal, but she was ignored.

A local pharmacist watched Atefeh's execution on August 15, 2004. "She looked so young standing there," he said. "Rezaii must have felt a personal grudge against her. He put the rope around her neck himself. I looked around and everyone in the crowd was sobbing and damning the mullahs." The family's lawyer has now filed a suit of wrongful execution against the judge and is preparing a murder case. Her life is also the subject of a secretly filmed documentary, Execution of a Teenage Girl, which will be screened on BBC2 on Thursday.

One of Atefeh's teachers said the authorities wanted to make an example of her: "She wouldn't take injustice from anyone, but the mullahs equate these qualities in a girl to prostitution and evil. They wanted to give all the girls and women a lesson."

Amnesty International UK director Kate Allen said: "The killing of Atefeh is a catalogue of the most appalling human rights violations. The public hanging of a child, believed to be mentally incompetent, totally beggars belief. To hang a child flies in the face of all that is humane."


PENALTIES imposed by Iran's religious mullahs include:

THEFT: Amputation of hands or feet for persistent offenders.

ADULTERY: Death by stoning.

UNMARRIED SEX: 100 lashes.


SODOMY: Death for adults, 74 lashes for consenting child.

LESBIANISM: 100 lashes, or on the fourth occasion death.


RUBBING ANOTHER MAN'S THIGHS OR BUTTOCKS: 99 lashes - on 4th occasion, death.

Ian Scott said...

gm, that's pretty awful, isn't it?

Well, yes, here in Canada, we've gone beyond that sort of brutality, as far as lashes are concerned, but we put people in jail and take away their freedoms for smoking a joint.

Thank God, if there is one, that relatively speaking, we've managed to get that far.. from the days not so long ago (less than 200 years) when we'd burn suspected witches at the stake.

Of course, in our society, we don't use lashes as punishment for unmarried sex, but instead, find that there are other, perhaps long term "equally" painful punishments for women who choose to fuck men out of wedlock.

Individual liberty seems to have an interesting history of fits and starts, with two or three steps backwards, before there is more liberty.

Hopefully, we can find ways to encourage and give empathy to those in the Muslim world, of which there are many who also despise these punishments.

Honey Pot said...

...deaf/mute and possessing all the major credit cards.

Ian how can you compare a couple of months in club fed with a hanging? You're bonkers aren't you?

Ian Scott said...

"Ian how can you compare a couple of months in club fed with a hanging? You're bonkers aren't you?

Ooops.. forgot I was in a discussion with a moral relativist... You're rrigh, Honey Pot.. nothing is comparable. What is, is what is.L

Killing innocent people in Lebanan is not comparable to killing innocent people in Israel.

Maybe you are right.. it's all about "motive." Fuck the children, huh?

If the children have been born to those on the wrong "side," then yeah.. no comparison at all.

Ian Scott said...

How do you like your men, Honey Pot?

Are you blonde?

Honey Pot said...

I wonder what the Lebanese people thought was going to happen when they supported the Hezassholes terrorist. Do you suppose they thought it was all fun and games, with the Hezassholes just being a bunch of guys, launching missles at Israel, while hiding behind women and children? Not at overly bright bunch of people, if they didn't realize what was going to happen by provoking Israel. Very difficult situation as a whack of them support terrorist. Seems like they have put the interest of the terrorist above the well-being of their own children. Not uncommon if you are indoctrinated into a BARBARIC culture/religion/political system.

gm said...

Honey Pot said...

'Peace' rally backs terrorists

I am a Canadian who has listened with outrage to the stories of what my fellow Canadians have been suffering in Lebanon. I have cried and prayed for the families of Ab Chahbar and others I have heard about.

I support the efforts of our government to remove these Canadians from Lebanon, no matter what the cost. I have, however, been discouraged at the attitude of some of the refugees. An honest "thank you" would be more appropiate, I think. However, I do understand that these people have been through a horrific time and are probably under great stress.

It was in this spirit that I attended the "peace" rally at the John Labatt Centre on Saturday. I was disgusted to see pro-Hezbollah and Hamas flags and scarves among the Lebanese flags. I understand that these groups have been declared terrorist organizations by our government. Was it not these groups that entered the sovereign nation of Israel, kidnapping its soldiers and bombing its civilians? Are not these groups the very ones that have caused the recent tragedies for our citizens caught in Lebanon?

Why did I hear only Israel condemned in speech after speech and the Harper government criticized?

Was this really a "peace" rally in support of our fellow Canadians caught in a country at war, or only an opportunity to support a terrorist organization?

Cindy Theriault


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------lfp July 26/06

Good question Cindy, and good observing. I do wonder how the free press themselves missed seeing the flags. I did notice the fawning nature of the war coverage by the media on Lebanon is now abating. Could it be that they now realize that the Hezassholes terrorist are well loved and supported by the Lebanese people?

Honey Pot said...

GM, what do you suppose the chances of any of those children in the pictures being conscripted into the Hezasshole terrorist army? I know they take them at 15, but those poor little waifs don't look any older than 11 or 12. A truly barbaric uncaring culture.

gm said...

The same kind threats out of "my struggle".