Saturday, July 29, 2006

Free Press indulges vandals

A London Free Press article today rather indulgently portrays the vandals behind over $100,000 in damages at construction sites in London as wayward souls of virtuous intent.

Environmental terrorist groups, such as the Earth Liberation Front, use violent means to justify a noble goal, said [assistant professor of political science Radoslav] Dimitrov.

[…] There are "probably some anarchists in their ranks," said Dimitrov.

The methods of extremist groups, such as ELF, include vandalism and environmental terrorism, he said.

"They're not likely to be effective in their campaign" because the message gets lost in the damage, said Dimitrov.
[Emphases added.] On the contrary, their message is quite synonymous with their actions — the vindictive destruction of other people's property. If anti-sprawl environmentalists wanted to have any pretense that their message exceeded their actions they would be first destroying their own homes and possessions.