Thursday, July 6, 2006

Breaking news: All things to turn upon each other for food

I can't be absolutely sure that everyone in the community (let alone society!) follows my admonition to refresh Mitchieville every five minutes. Therefore I must link.

The cruel purity of Fenris Badwulf's vision informs my nightmares, and haunts me by day.

The planet Earth is about to be consumed in a disaster far worse than Global Warming. Space Aliens are massing invasion fleets just beyond the orbit of Pluto.

We need more money for research, say scientists. Without adequate telescopes or radar arrays, we cannot determine the location or number of these hordes of Space Aliens.

The Oceans of Earth will not have time to boil away before these creatures from another dimension sweep down on our planet. They may strike before the next Seal Hunt, at which time the Seals will become extinct sooner than expected.
But not all is the doom-and-gloom of underfunding; expand your horizons with anthropological excursions among the Roxolani-Canadian community.
I had lots of fun over the celebration of Canada, this filthy country that a broad spectrum of society want to obliterate. And, I was thankful that, as an activist, I was helping this happen. You can see the bright future for this country of Village Peoples, in the smiling faces when parents set their young children to fighting each other, the laughter that erupts during a dog fight, and the homesick memories of dinner made like they used to back in the Fatherland.