Friday, July 14, 2006

Bono - All mixed up as usual

The rubbish bin of history. It can and will be rewritten. Hold hands and shout, or maybe not hold hands "if you know what I mean, but we will walk with each other. We will get things done."

Bono is now asking the world a question on Yahoo! Answers. Be sure to watch Bono's thankfully short video message, but don't watch it while you are eating. The charitable message may cause emaciation.

Bono's answer to malaria: more government funded Mosquito nets. Bono's answer to starving people in Africa: more foreign aid, meaning more funds for oppressive and bloodthirsty African dictatorships via governments. Bono acknowledges that politicians waste money, but what he doesn't understand is that Governments, as directed by the One World Overlords and their advisors, and funded by unwilling tax casualties, will help ensure poverty becomes not only our history, but our reality.

Ht: Mises Economics Blog

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Pietr said...

We can make poverty history by ignoring it.

Pietr said...

Who is this 'Boner' fellow anyway?