Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bob Geldof is no longer a hero

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is knocking on your door next Bono.
ROME (AFP) - Live 8 hero Bob Geldof has been forced to cancel two concerts in Italy because of lack of public interest, after only 45 people turned up to see him perform in Milan.

Geldof walked out of Milan's 12,000-capacity Arena Civica on Friday without playing, given the paltry attendance. His manager explained that a concert for less than 400 people would not be viable, Italy's La Stampa newspaper reported Saturday.

The 54-year-old Irish rocker, who said he had flown in from South Africa for the gig, sought to placate angry fans afterwards by promising to give a free concert in September.

A scheduled performance in Rome on Saturday night, for which 300 tickets had been sold, was also cancelled, La Stampa said.
HT: Nealenews


Pietr said...

"Performers are dying now! Give us the bloody money!"

TrustOnlyMulder said...

I remember seeing Trooper live at Harris Park maybe 15 or 16 years ago when I lived near Joe Kools and I remember thinking...These guys have fallen so far.
Then I saw Bob Dylan OPEN for Santana to a half filled Skydome in Toronto a decade or so ago.
Then I saw Glass Tiger play a periphery Canada Day celebration in the west end of Ottawa in 2005 and 54-40 played the same venue in 2006.

Bob Geldof can't hold a candle to any of them. I'm surprised he even TRIED to book a venue that big.

Bono has the advantage of world fame before he went lefty-pinko. It might save him in his old age if he sticks with the band.