Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bob Gedolf should receive taxpayer dollars too

The heathens of London, which make up the majority of the population here, fail to provide the expected voluntary tithe, in addition to the not so voluntary one which they must provide unless they would prefer to go to jail. Guy Lombardo is no longer revered and that matters to Susan Eagle, the champion of collective memory.

He sold more records than any Canadian, yet the hometown London museum named in his honour isn't exactly a tourism hit.

The Guy Lombardo Music Centre has "fallen through the cracks," Ward 7 Coun. Susan Eagle said yesterday.

Only about 200 people have visited the tiny museum this year, and about 1,000 people toured it last year.
So, unless people voluntarily donate their time and money, the place should just fall into the crack of oblivion. Not so in London, where heritage is a religion which protects potholes and crumbling structures. Supporting the pioneers at the expense of the present "pioneers" and the future "pioneers" is the right thing to do in this city according to certain elected representatives of 'the people'. Public awareness, funded by those not so voluntary offerings, will sustain the otherwise unsustainable. Susan Eagle explains:
Eagle plans to propose a motion at tonight's city council meeting to develop a stronger marketing plan to enhance the museum's visibility in the city and beyond.

"(It's) an important piece of our history," she said. "We need to take more initiative as a city" to keep it alive, she said.

Ward 6 Coun. David Winninger will second the motion.

If passed, city staff would begin looking into better ways to promote the museum by strengthening its relationship with the city parks and recreation department and integrating it with London's Culture Office and Tourism London, for example.

Although the Wonderland Road museum is classified a tourism site, Eagle said it isn't listed on the city's tourism map, making it difficult for visitors to find.

There's no signage on the Highway 401 for the museum.

[..] He was a "significant and important person. We need to maintain that recognition of him," Eagle said.
And the roads continue to crumble as the line-ups for a family doctor grow longer still. On the bright side, the city can request provincial cash to pay for the 401 signs pointing to a destination the majority will continue to drive past.


The Mayor said...

You Lombardophobes slay me.

He's a God-damned national treasure.

Honey Pot said...

I remember one time someone here in the city, wanted to put a big Guy Lombardo made of plywood, out by the highway with moving eyes, to attract people to come to see it. That would of just freaked people out. I think of all that money that is going to be wasted on producing Guy Lombardo kewpi dolls, and I just shake my head. I wonder if they even asked themselves any important questions before they vote to waste money on this. In all reality, do you know anyone who would drive two miles, or pay 5 cents, to see the Guy Lombardo museum?

Douglas Flood said...

Have you ever been in the building
to what is there. The history of the music industry in this city plus a variety of cylinder machines, gramophones, Player piano
To enlighten you as to the problems that are there drop in and I will discuss them with you. You will find out that the city does not finance this operation but two people do. It was not meant to be but do to inept city management this is how it ended up.

Douglas Flood said...

It is interesting to note that in the last 5 years of my involvement
at the Guy Lombardo Museum/Music Centre I don't recall seeing any more than 4 city councilors come through the door and that includes her worship the mayor. We are not members of Tourism London so we are not alowed to put material into the Tourism London locations. The city owns us and them.NUTS!eh

Douglas Flood said...

We have a sports hall of fame here in London why isn't Lombardo in it. He was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports hall of Fame in Toronto in 2003 for his hydroplane racing. Her worship the Mayor was there for the induction. He was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto May 28. 2002.3 stars on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood.

Douglas Flood said...

Carmen Lombardo, his brother,
played the sax in the band and was inducted into The Canadian Music Writers Wall of fame in Toronto February 5th of this year. He wrote 200 songs, a lot of them hits like Return To Me sung by Dean Martin and even Italian. Back to Guy he was inducted into The Big Band Hall Of Fame in Davenport Iowa in 1976.

Douglas Flood said...

In 1974 Richard Nixon issued fifty thousand U.S. one dollar bills with Lombardo's picture on it. We have made a poor copy of it. The one we have was given to us by Joseph Lombardo a brother that was not in the band. We will give you one of our copies for coming to visit us.Nice to know how many people visit the other tourism locations in the city?

Douglas Flood said...

Wondeland!The band shell is still there. The old dance floor is too. We build a concret block wall from the end of the shell,the lenght of
the dace floor ten feet high. All the names of the bands that ever played there go on the wall on the dance floor side. We dig up the walk way on the other side of the wall and do a walk of fame of the
famous Londoners past and future.

Douglas Flood said...

The wlk of fame was suggested for the 150th anniversary of founding of London.The other idea came up after I saw the Wonderland site.
Light it up at night,have dances there again in the open air the way it was before. People sponser the stones for the walk of fame, give the reciept to the city and they give you a tax reciept for your donation. Citizens cost nothing. We have the G. Lombardo one already done, see it in the museum. Do one for P. Haggis we could CRASH in on it.