Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blank out in Ontario continues

I could almost hope for blackouts here in Ontario, if that meant angry voters would repay McGuinty and his gang next fall for not doing their job.

From the Toronto Star, HT to Darcey:
A Six Nations land dispute in Caledonia is blocking the construction of a high-voltage power line necessary to deliver imported power to southern Ontario in the event of a shortage.

The $116 million, 76-kilometre line from Thorold to Hamilton was to be completed this month, but Six Nations protestors are claiming it passes through disputed land.

As a result, the final section was brought to a standstill in the spring.
It shouldn't necessarily be necessary to import power, except the government continues to control and ration the energy supply. See the Freedom Party's 2007 election platform for more on the energy crisis resulting from "fixed" prices and gross mismanagement of your money.

Update: Correction. Global warming is the trouble.