Friday, July 21, 2006

Big Brother Database

More madness in the UK:

The home life of every child in the country is to be recorded on a national database in the ultimate intrusion of the nanny state, it has emerged.

Computer records holding details of school performance, diet and even whether their parents provide a 'positive role model' for 12 million children will be held by the Government.

Police, social workers, teachers and doctors will have access to the database and have powers to flag up 'concerns' where children are not meeting criteria laid down by the state.

The 'children's index', which will cost the taxpayer £224 million, will even monitor whether youngsters are eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, whether they go to church or are struggling to get good marks at school.

[..] The database has already been piloted in 12 local authorities and the Government plans to make it nationwide from next year.

It will try to introduce a regulation in Parliament in the autumn - allowing it to become law with barely any scrutiny by MPs.
Cameras should be installed in all homes containing children to ensure that the data collected is more accurate. Just because the database says that child x eats five servings of fruits and vegetables, it doesn't mean it's true. Someone might lie.

But even that might not be going far enough, because the child might visit a home without state surveillance systems in place, and the child could be exposed to second hand smoke and maybe even consume trans fats, and the authorities wouldn't know, unless the child was a paid informant or aspiring politician, so all homes throughout the country should immediately be wiretapped and equipped with spy cams. For those sceptics out there whining about the cost of such a program, I say, shame on you! What about the children? Surely the health of the nation is more important than a few measly dollars. It will also be good for the economy because it will create jobs. But what about rights?
Rights are not abstractions, retorted the minister of defense, people either deserve rights or they don't, and these people certainly don't, anything else is just so much empty talk, You're quite right, said the minister of culture, rights aren't abstractions, they continue to exist even when they're not respected, Now you're getting philosophical, Has the minister of defense got anything against philosophy, The only philosophy I'm interested in is military philosophy, and then only if it leads us to victory, I am, gentlemen, a barrack-room pragmatist, and my approach, whether you like it or not, is to call a spade a spade, but now just so that you don't start looking down on me as someone of inferior intelligence, I would appreciate it if you could explain to me, as long as it's not a question of demonstrating that a circle can be transformed into a square of an equal area, how a right, if it isn't respected, can still continue to exist, Very simple, that right exists potentially in the duty of others to respect and comply with it, No offence, but civic sermons and demagoguery will get us nowhere, slap a state of siege on them and see how they like it ...

From Seeing by Jose Saramago
HT: Jay Jardine


TrustOnlyMulder said...

un-freaking-believable....figures the teachers and social workers are part of it. What better way to swell their leftist numbers.

I bet the ACLU supports this cockamamie idea too. Bastards I tell ya....bastards

Ian Scott said...

"Rights are not abstractions, retorted the minister of defense, people either deserve rights or they don't, and these people certainly don't, anything else is just so much empty talk, "

Heh. Sounds almost like many commenters and others in the blogosphere these days. "Why should be recognize the rights of people, when those people don't recognize rights? I guess we can all just agree that those folk don't deserve any rights!"

Pietr said...

If they can turn the Thatcher Rebellion into a source of popular hatred, they must think they can do anything.

Like the masters of Newspeak, turning us against the friendly American soldier(see the first BBC TV adaptation of 1984 from the 1950s), they think that they can make us believe any lie by demoralising us with their persistence, with plenty of clowns jumping up to defend the falsehoods with a cry of 'no smoke without fire'.

The current falsehood is that the country of Britain is a competitive failure, and that it is the fault of the British people, not the ten years of rubbish built on them since 1997.
The government is determined that we should be mauled into a shape worthy of their ambitions; they have already stated that it is our right to expect(their right to dictate) that we finish in the top four in the 2012 Olympics.
If we don't, it is the fault of the parents and the lazy, stupid children that we are creating(through a lack of state intervention, not including the 14 + compulsory years of formative state servitude at the 'education' factories)which will cause us to feel future guilt.
So Blair has run his mandate for 'things (that) can only get better' into forcible eugenic engineering, actually physically engineering millions of young people into cowed little apparatchniks which can only protest through the channels of 'democratic' disappointment and would never disturb the surface of the pond.

Welcome to the future.
The future is Hell.The future is sewage.