Monday, June 12, 2006

You've reached the voice mail of Jeff Fielding

It's an election year in foggy London Ontario, and yet the city is to spend $50,000 to find out if people are satisfied with the service they receive from city hall. Yet more money down the pothole:

City council has approved development of a new customer service strategy. The aim is "to reinforce a public service attitude" with employees and improve service.

The firm PMG Consulting is being paid $50,000 to research how the city does business.

The three-phase process involves focus groups, the random phone survey and interpretation of the findings, with emphasis on the experience of businesses and developers in conjunction with the London Chamber of Commerce.
The roads are crumbling, the garbage is piling up, the tax bills are soaring, the guns are a firing and yet the city decides to hire a consulting firm to confirm the obvious. London is run by a bunch of buffoons who care more about hockey, aging rock stars and crumbling relics than they do about delivering essential services. Remember, they aren't investing their own money into the Corporation of the City of London. Unlike legitimate businesses that suffer the consequences of crappy and irresponsible investments, the gang running the show with the plunder can make a quick exit through the backdoor, as usual, leaving the plundered with the debt.
"You never really know how people feel, how they perceive our organization, how they see the services we provide and whether they're getting value for their tax dollars," said Jeff Fielding, the city's chief administrative officer.

"So, you can expect some surprises."
Londoners never cease to be amazed at the crazy schemes and wasteful recommendations put forth by city staff and approved by council. Only 1,000 residents and 200 businesses will be contacted - but no matter the results, the monopoly is entrenched and will not be dismantled anytime in the foreseeable future. The surest sign of a good business is when your customers keep coming back. The corporation of London however, has no worries about competition within the city. No matter the number of public meetings and surveys funded and conducted by city hall, the fact remains that I cannot legally withhold my financial contribution.

Upon further reflection, this project might even be more wasteful than I originally thought. Depending on how one interprets the press release on the city website and the London Free Press article, it could also be understood that the city is actually wasting our money to learn how to smile bigger smiles and kiss more babies.
London’s new customer service strategy, which was first presented to Council in November 2005, is intended to reinforce a public service attitude with City employees and transform the organization into one of the leaders in the delivery of customer service.