Thursday, June 8, 2006

Your free lunch is my loss

A self-professed "good liberal" speaks out after his camera was stolen by insurgents in Caledonia:

What is going on in Caledonia is not a noble struggle of members of an oppressed minority asserting their civil rights. This is not a 1960 sit-in at a Georgia Woolworth's lunch counter. This is a gang of militant thugs victimizing the law-abiding citizens of Haldimand County, emboldened by the timidity of a province and country paralyzed by political correctness and the fear that one of the occupiers might get hurt.

The Ontario government has responded to the crisis as if it was a teachers' strike, sending in David Peterson to negotiate. But the occupation is not a political dispute; it is a long-running criminal act.

We do not negotiate with bank robbers or drunk drivers. We arrest them and throw them in jail. If they resist? Well, that's why cops have handcuffs, nightsticks and tear-gas grenades.

I'm sure some readers still think the occupiers are the victims, automatically deserving of sympathy as people of colour fighting The Man. Those sympathizers should take note: The Six Nations radicals claim all land within six miles of the Grand River. That includes all of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge. If the occupiers are able to get their way in Caledonia through violence and intimidation, you might wake up next year to find your street under occupation.
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rhebner said...

This guy just sat in his car and let these people abuse him? He let them grab him by the neck and rifle through his belongings?

What kind of a man would do that? Why wasn't he leaping out of his car with his fists swinging? Boy, it's one thing to be a peaceful liberal, but it's another to sit idly by while thugs threaten you and steal your stuff.

Pietr said...

The answer is conditioning.
There is a large swathe of life-forms posing as people, that spend endless hours stealing our outrage in the hope of achieving precisely this effect when their remote surrogate thugs finally strike.

Anonymous said...

I guess he's a conservative, now.

Pietr said...

By which I don't mean other people's opinions;if we feel outrage for those, we are the problem.

Pietr said...

As long as I'm not forced to listen to them, obviously.

Brent Gilliard said...

anonymous: that's funny.

As the saying goes, show me a liberal and I'll show you a conservative who's been arrested. Show me a conservative and I'll show you a liberal who's been robbed.