Sunday, June 4, 2006

When all you have is a hammer...

Now this is funny -- check out the Red Star's robo-Marxist analysis of the "broad strata" from which the Terrorist Community is drawn:

The 12 men and five youths arrested on Friday and Saturday in a counter-terrorism sweep represent a broad strata of Canadian society.

"Some are students, some have jobs and some are unemployed."

Some were familiar faces in their neighbourhoods, others were rarely seen.
It was indeed a cross section of communities. Some liked U2, others preferred Coldplay, still others enjoyed the urban stylings of today's top hip-hop artists. Some liked the colour blue, while others were frankly more fond of light shades of green. Butter or margarine? There was no unanimity on that front either. In a way, we're all implicated.

I think the Star needs to bring in Detectives Jones and Smith to help them with their analysis.

UPDATE: Oh my... that's not the Star's ridiculous wording ("broad strata"), it's the RCMP's. Jones and Smith must already be involved.


Pietr said...

I say chaps, I've got a super wheeze; let's build a 3 ton bomb and start blowing up bits of our home town.

Well, it's nice, the people are nice, and how are we to bring them around to our way of thinking unless we murder them?

Baby I'm amazed they haven't already spotted us; evil like that is difficult to hide.
They spotted us in 2004.

Nice people are bastards!

MapMaster said...

Hey Mike, a few of your detectives' colleagues are already on the case!