Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Volksreich needs healthy children

According to the London Free Press, the government agency Health Council of Canada has issued a report calling for re-allocation and expansion of government programs to promote child health and welfare in Canada. Apart from the typical incontestable and inscrutable bromides included to cover the authors' self-serving suggestions with an over-arching generic sentimental authority, the report's recommendations include renewed government commitments to early childhood learning, the creation of a new Mental Health bureaucracy to complement its own and provide employment for its friends, and expanded income redistribution programs.

The report repeatedly implores community involvement in the plan to keep children healthy, which, as is well known, is government-speak for increased funding for special interest groups friendly to the authors' agenda. The uniquely Canadian aspect of the report is that the authors take for granted that the consent of the governed is obtained simply by proclaiming it in a government document:

"I think in this report what we've done is propose a Canadian kind of model that emphasizes the importance not just of communities and families being strengthened and supported, but their taking initiatives in concert with all levels of government. [Emphasis added.]
Couldn't do it for ourselves, say the authors… The word "collective" is employed eight times in the document.