Friday, June 2, 2006

Tommy Douglas and the eternal lake of fire

John Stossel has a new book.

Stossel told his audience he believes Canadians are missing out on many economic and competitive benefits by eschewing private health care.

"Isn't choice what Canada is supposed to be about?" he asked.


Stossel compared the structure of some of Canada's social programs to those of the former Soviet Union, and warned that socialism does not work.

"It takes a long time for socialist systems to break down," he said, noting that Canadians are already travelling to U.S. cities like Buffalo for medical treatment that they can't get in a timely way at home.

"At first they work . . . but it's a slow breakdown."


Honey Pot said...

"Isn't choice what Canada is supposed to be about?" John Stosseld ask.

Yes it is Johnnie, you have a choice to participate in a democracy, and the social structures within. If you don't like that Johnnie, it is your perogative to get on boat and start peddling till you find your Utopia.

Mike said...

The Howling Void has spoken.

"Chollie, you can pay da boss his protection money, or if'n ya don't, he can't be responsible for what da boys might do to ya liddle establishment heah. Why don't you just pay up or get outta town before somethin unfortunate happens?"

Honey Pot said...

"Johnnie, is there enough room in your boat for Mikey? Mikey is another kid that doesn't have enough sense to know when he got it good.Mikey will help you row, but only if he choses. If he don't want to participate you can throw him to the sharks, and they can choose to eat em' or spit him out."

Anonymous said...

Honey Pot - I'll take a spot in that boat too.
In fact, I'm simply ready to get out of Canada, just a little push and we're going to be a communist country, and as far as I can tell you're all for that.

gm said...

Citizens we must be thankful to our great leaders for waiting in line. We must preserve our sacred health care system from the running dog capatalists. We must remeber that control is not about power but compassion.

Pietr said...

I'm coming to Canada because the people are so endearingly straightforward; just think of all the havoc I can cause to the mentalities of people like HP.
In a couple of years Canada could be the new Cambodia, with styling by Kmer Rouge of Montreal, and everybody loyal to Honey Pot, scion of Pol Pot.

Honey Pot said...

Do come Sore. You can stay at my house. Even though I find you very strange, and meaner than cat piss, I still think you would be fun to have a few mugs with.

Mike said...

you can throw him to the sharks, and they can choose to eat em' or spit him out.

Howl, void, howl.

gm said...

Hey Sore I will see you soon! Any other foggers can join in the celebration of our comrades arrival!

Pietr said...

Shhh!It's supposed to be a secret!

Pietr said...

Back to the subject; the breakdown is not slow, it is immediate, but the mythmakers and propagandists prevent the truth from reaching us.
In 1952 my mother had her first child; she was kept in labour for three days.
She nearly died.
By the time the scumbag doctor noticed, and organised a caesarian, the baby actually was dead.
Now she is 80, and still mourning.

This was a prime maternity hospital in a Capital City of Britain, under the NHS.

Pietr said...

By the way, thanks HP.When I decide to stay illegally I will be glad of the refuge.
But I won't be that desperate for a couple of years at least.