Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"They aren't engineering society to anybody's benefit" but their own

The UN has released their annual World Drug Report, "a comprehensive overview" of the drug consumption and production habits of people across the world. According to the findings designed to support the agenda, marijuana is the drug of choice across the planet. The report restricts its scope to "illicit" drug users and traffickers, but does not fail to mention the "licit" use of tobacco far exceeds the "illicit" use of weed, thus justifying in advance the existence of the UN and its orchestration of a "multilateral drug control system."

Frustrated and fearful tobacco smokers worldwide are begging the UN to pressure nation states to outlaw the recreational use of tobacco for the good of society, although the native population will most likely be exempt from the new rules.

From the Vancouver Sun, via Nealenews:

The increasing potency of marijuana -- spurred on by hydroponic growers in places such as B.C. -- means the world should no longer consider pot a "soft" drug, according to a report released Monday by the United Nations.

"Today, the harmful characteristics of cannabis are no longer that different from those of other plant-based drugs such as cocaine and heroin," Antonio Maria Costa, director of the UN's Office on Drugs and Crimes, said in a written statement.

[..] While this year's report covers everything from opium production in Afghanistan to cocaine consumption in Europe, it takes specific aim at marijuana in a section titled, "Cannabis: Why We Should Care."

The report argues that marijuana is by far the most popular drug in the world, with about 162 million users every year compared to just 16 million for opiates and 13 million for cocaine.

And the number of marijuana users worldwide has jumped by more than 10 per cent since the late 1990s -- a larger increase than for any other illicit drug.
Marijuana is bound to be more popular than crack, precisely because its effects are milder, more pleasureable and less harmful to the user. Individuals generally concerned with their own preservation don't typically choose the most destructive substances around and even if cocaine was classified as a "licit" drug, most people would probably choose coffee instead. And so what if they don't, except:
Criminals love the drug war for driving up the profits on simple plant substances that would otherwise be cheaper than wheat. Their counterparts in the law enforcement business love the drug war for providing a never ending excuse for increasing budgets to accomplish the impossible, and the opportunity to go after easy targets like pot growers instead of tackling more dangerous and difficult problems like the actual violent criminals we are supposedly paying them to pursue in the first place.

When it goes beyond its proper role of protecting life, liberty, and property, government gets into the business of taking money to create problems that then must be solved by taking more money. The further problems caused by those "solutions" only provide further profit opportunities.
But let us not digress. Bird flu might not be the more pressing pandemic of our time if "we" are to believe the United Nations of Collective Bullshit. Global warming is responsible for increased cannabis use. Stop growing food and save the planet:
"The cannabis pandemic, like other challenges to public health, requires . . . a consistent commitment across the political spectrum and by society at large," Costa said in his statement.

[..] The UN report acknowledges that marijuana is different from heroin and cocaine -- noting it is almost impossible to overdose on it and, because it is so cheap, its users are far less likely to commit crimes to feed their habits.

But the report argues marijuana is still a dangerous substance that requires attention.
Tell that to the chemotherapy patient seeking relief from their afflictions.

Sorehead on Social Engineering:
Engineering is the application of force to physical objects in ways that produce actively useful products-mechanisms, machines and other items.

There are various level of indirection in engineering; we can force materials into shapes which can be used to apply superior force to superior materials and so on down to the final products, which defy hand-tooling techniques and pricing.

Then along came Social Engineering.
The reasoning went,"We can 'change' people to make them 'better'."
The reasoning was specious.
The reasoning hid a multiplicity of evils.
The reasoning contained no real reasoning.

Engineering is the application of force.
This was fully understood by the proponents of social engineering, but supported by people who believed in the 'miraculous' production of undisputable goods by the magic of engineering as they (didn't) understand it.


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