Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Take that, you old biddy!

Now that drug-crazed Slitherman's health Nazis have cornered the smokers, it's time to pour bleach on the old ladies' parade.

A group of senior women hoping to raise money for Willistead Manor during Art in the Park likely lost hundreds of dollars after food inspectors spoiled their egg salad with bleach on the weekend.

About a dozen women belonging to Friends of Willistead were preparing the egg salad sandwiches inside Willistead Manor just before noon Saturday when three food inspectors from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit arrived unannounced and began citing infractions.

When an inspector asked where the eggs were cooked and was told they were prepared at the ladies' homes, she poured bleach on the sandwiches and the egg salad mixture.

"There was a meanness there," said Brenda Clayton, the president of Friends of Willistead.

"Most unprofessional, really."


Lisa said...

In today's blood sucking culture, it's more lucrative to join the most expedient lobby line.

Pietr said...

There was a minor miracle in North Leeds a couple of days ago;being a 'mean' capitalist, I saw a little old lady trying to cross the road behind my truck.
So I put on my reflective jacket and stopped the traffic to get her safely across;then it got good.
As I got into my cab, all the stopped traffic stayed stopped and flashed me out so I could get on.
There is hope where individual people are concerned!

Ayn Steyn said...

How pathetic.

I'm just waiting for the day when the health Nazis start inviting themselves to inspect the food at stag and does and family reunions.

Bring your bleach!

I'll be waiting with my bleach for your eyes.

Pietr said...

Sounds like a license for killjoys; but I suppose we knew that already.

Anonymous said...

Are we to stop bake sales for kids too? They probably would like to come inspect my kitchen before I cook my next kid’s birthday cake / cupcakes for school.
Also, an egg is inside the shell before it's cooked, how could it possibly become contaminated?

TC said...

Birds lay eggs out of the same hole they shit from (i.e. the cloaca), so naturally they come out contaminated on the exterior. This is also why there are tough regulations for egg grading. During the egg development, if the bird has a bacterial (e.g. salmonella) infection, the germs can be transmitted to the interior of the egg when it is forming. Most people don't appreciate the food inspection system to understand the details involved and hence take items such as eggs for granted. There's alot more to this story than some "poor old ladie's egg sandwiches". Egg salad sandwichs sent to labs for analysis frequently have unsastifactory test results. This was a large public event with many other food vendors....why should other operators have to comply with the law and these "ladies" don't. We can't have double standards. PLEASE DON'T LET THE MEDIA RUN WITH THIS STORY..........

basil said...

The pouring of bleach by the inspectors is what makes this story interesting.

I envision a tall Aryan woman in black jackboots, a bright red suit,leather gloves, wearing a sinister smile and an icy laugh as she snaps her riding crop and pours the bleach.

These new rules for non-comercial vendors have only been in effect since Slitheryman took it upon himself to poke his nose in Mom's apple pie. His agents behaving like brown shirts does not reassure me that his intentions are pure. How will inspecting old ladies' kitchens prevent bacteria bread into the egg?

Lisa said...

Comrade TC;

So what you are saying is that I shouldn't be allowed to serve egg salad sandwichs to dinner guests unless they are tested in a government labratory?