Saturday, June 10, 2006

Qa'aledonia Quagmire

In the Eastern Qanadian province of An Teryo, just east of the lawless town of Qa'aledonia, the provincial and central governments have decided to let community members work out their problems and disagreements on a case by case basis.

In the quagmire of Qa'aledonia, the human rights regime we have come to celebrate has been inverted when it comes to its application against a broad stratum of the population. Ordinary assault is presumably still punishable by law in the town, but racially motivated assault is no longer a crime.

Earlier yesterday, two CH TV cameramen were assaulted, allegedly by natives occupying a disputed piece of land.
Not to omit the important detail that the "police" -- now revealed to be unofficially off duty when victims are of the wrong race at the wrong time -- were close by, watching it happen.
About 90 minutes later, a witness said a group of natives dragged four American tourists from their SUV after they snapped a few photos of the native-occupied land despite remaining on public property.
Having observed the cultural dynamics at play, and given the relative victimization levels of the different broad strata involved, the provincial government has effectively declared that it is all fun and games at Qa'aledonia until someone gets killed.

The only justification for a racket like the Ontario government is its role in preserving the rule of law and public peace. Most of what our provincial government does is stuff they can't and shouldn't be doing; government control of medicine, schools, and power just ruin those institutions and enrich the few at the expense of everyone else.

Now they are revealing that they can't do things they are supposed to do, are legitimately charged with doing -- for one, clearing out violent, racist mobs like this with as much force as necessary, to protect the lives and property of law abiding Canadians.

Update: Gods of the Copybook Headings is essential, as always.


Pietr said...

As a citizen of Orcshire, I can only sympathise.

Skyclad said...

Just went down to the Frontier (Caledonia) this Saturday night. Just blew my mind what I found out. We are led to believe this about a land clam dating back to the 1841’s. Wrong!!
The Hennings (Henco) obtained the land before a another man, who also wanted it. This man is called Hill, he runs the tobacco plant on the reserve and was caught in the early 90’s, smuggling cigarettes from the US. He wanted that land to build a casino on it.
That’s right, this dispute is about a casino!!
Since Hill did not get the land, he is going to steal it. He brought up two women from the NY reserve, one being Jameson , these two started this protest. Then, Hill brought in Mohawk Warriors from the US, some with Army experience, the leader is (you are not going to believe this) an ex-navy Seal!! At the present, this ex navy Seal is fortifying the land, conducting weapons training with automatic guns (gun registry??) building Bailey Bridges over the RR tracks, cutting trails in the woods for quick escape by atv. Chainsaws are going all night cutting roads in the woods. Gunfire in the daytime. These thugs have gone to some of the residents telling them to leave their houses. These thugs are paid by Hill.
Now, why are the OPP not doing anything?
This going to stun you, Gwen Boniface who is the head of the OPP in Barrie Ont. is a full blood ‘Mohawk’ distantly related to Hill. Yep, that’s why nothing is happening about that injunction issued by Judge Marshal.
I talked to the woman who handled the handkerchief to the wounded CH camera man, she said he was in very bad shape. The OPP did nothing, despite screams from her and others.
Further, the OPP officer who was run over, was in very bad shape, the native who hit him aimed the car directly at him to kill. Rumour has it, the US Mohawks are quickly leaving for the US to escape murder charges.

I ask all blogers who read this, to ask your readers to demand the protestors being removed from the site, and McQuinty to ask Gwen Boniface to step down, as she has a very serious conflict of interest here!!!
Spread this from Newfoundland to BC and email the OPP, Ontario Govt., plus the CBC, CTV, CFRB 1010, CHML 900, and other TV and radio stations and any other you can think of like MP’s, Ont MPP.
Do this for Monday morning and flood thier e-mails, demand this be looked into

This land thief for a casino!!

Dick said...

Wasn't the above an old episode of 'North of 60'?

Maybe Tina Keeper (newly minted Liberal MP for Churchill) can quell this Quagmire.