Sunday, June 25, 2006

Public Eating Tyrants Afoot

These people give vegetarians a bad name.

According to a recent news release on PETA's website, the organization that cares more about insects than human beings is urging a provincial fire inspector in Nova Scotia to investigate the cause of a fire that prematurely took the lives of 6200 chickens. I would have thought PETA would have been happy a good portion of the farmer's investment went up in smoke, thus ending the miserable lives of the enslaved chickens destined to end up on human dinner plates.

Although fire department officials have stated that the cause of the fire was electrical in nature, PETA is asking for an investigation to determine whether the barn’s owner, ACC Cooperative, failed to properly maintain the equipment that sparked the blaze. This and other possible forms of negligence leading to the birds’ death could constitute a violation of local or federal cruelty-to-animals laws. PETA is calling for a safety inspection of all ACA chicken barns before the cooperative is allowed to resume normal operations.

PETA points out that because chickens are sensitive, highly intelligent animals—who, according to scientists, display cognitive abilities on par with mammals, including primates—they were fully aware of the threat that the fire posed, adding the elements of panic and terror to their suffering. The fact that the birds were jam-packed into a dark, barren, enclosed metal structure—never allowed to so much as feel the sun on their backs or the grass beneath their feet—was the primary reason that so many died.
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Pietr said...

I hope they donated the roast chicken to a worthy children's charity.