Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Polish your army boots, Anne Marie!

Anne Marie has a contender in the upcoming election, and he's a military man. Arthur Majoor promises to rid Gundon of insurgents:
The first Londoner to challenge Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco is no stranger to risk -- during the last civic election in 2003, he served as a peacekeeper in Bosnia.

"I live for challenge," said Arthur Majoor, who's spent his entire adult life -- he's now 45 -- as a reservist and an outspoken defender of the Canadian military.

The London native and rookie candidate knows he faces a formidable opponent in DeCicco, seeking a third term, and will do so without a budget to advertise citywide.

But he believes he can win on the strength of his message -- council must stop spending so much money on feel-good projects such as arenas and libraries so it can instead cut taxes and take care of basics such as roads and police.

"As a homeowner and taxpayer, it's very disheartening to see the increase in municipal taxes while council has let infrastructure decay," Majoor said yesterday.

"City council has been focused instead on entertainment -- the JLC, the Canada Summer Games, the Memorial Cup. It benefits the very few rather than the many," he said.

Majoor chose to run in part because no one else had stood up to challenge DeCicco in the November election.

"I was rather disappointed other people didn't seize the opportunity (to run). For anyone to run unopposed is a bad thing," he said.

[..] A writer on military history, Majoor spends some of his free time practising the martial art Akido, whose participants use wooden swords and skills honed by centuries of samurai warriors.

"It requires a sense of focus and a sense of timing," he said.

Whether he has the latter remains to be seen: Decicco said yesterday she has a record she's proud of.

"We've been very successful," she said.
No Anne Marie, you've been "successful", not "we", unless of course you are speaking of yourself and council and city staff's "successful" ability to force people to support the necessary muddled agenda of the "we". The taxpayer "we" would disagree with your "we" and demand you stop spending the collective plunder on crumbling relics and bread and circuses. Not only are "we" forced to pay the wages of these baffoons elected by other baffoons, "we" are forced to pay for poorly run municipal monopolies on essential services, and of course, "We" are also forced to pay for shit "we" don't care about. I'll never set foot inside the hockey hair, cock-rocker hangout otherwise known as the JLC, yet I suffer the consequences of its constuction because "we" wanted it. "We" needed it. And the library has too many open doors for the amount of wallets at its disposal, but "we" really needed that smouldering, smog infested reading garden located at the heart of the concrete jungle that nobody ever uses.

Strategic plans never work when the "I" can pass the cost off onto the "WE."

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Anonymous said...

I didn't think anyone was going to step up to the plate and challenge our confident mayor.
I'll be donating both time and dollars to get rid of our horrid council and replacing them with folks who understand that it is our (yours, mine, my kids) money that the City is spending.
Hopefully with a new mayor we can finally get rid of those free lunches at City Hall.