Saturday, June 3, 2006

A PM Press Conference I'd Like To See

"My fellow Canadians, a terror plot has been unveiled by the RCMP in cooperation with INSET.

"Many Canadians are worried that the Liberal/NDP/media axis will attempt to get public sentiment on the side of these regrettable human beings. However, I can report to you today that it is too late for that. They have already been executed, and are being devoured as I speak by pigs wearing specially-designed burkas. Their extended families are already on the plane back to Koransylvania, or whatever, with the word "INFIDEL" tatooed in Arabic across each of their foreheads.

"Do not mess with Canadians."


alex said...

If only.

lance said...

Not very libertarian of you, or perhaps very libertarian. It depends on your point of view.

No fair trail - non
Abdicate your rights and lose your rights - oui.

Not sure where I sit, but from an emotional POV . . . I'd like to hear that press conference too.


jaycurrie said...

It's not much of a libertarian issue. There is a rather radical difference between wanting to see the gradual reduction of the scope of the state's activities and effecting that end with a 3 ton nitrate bomb.

Find'em, try 'em, lock up the provably guilty and kick out any landed immigrants who are remotely connected to them.

Mike said...

Libertarianism with libertarians; vladtheimpalerianism with savages like these.

Honey Pot said...

The media are already making excuses for the nutjobs. Portraying them as youth who suffer from depression. Canada is known far and wide for its stupidity, but this takes the cake. How hard is it to figure out that when the top iman's in Canada are preaching jihad from the pulpit, that something bad is going to happen. Rest assured if they caught 14 of them, you can multiple that a hundred times over.

I will drive fast past GM on Oxford St. Never thought much of it before, but that could be a target.