Monday, June 5, 2006

Not the final frontier

Canadians have made astounding progress over the years identifying every square inch of property that could conceivably be called "public" with a permissive attitude to collective ownership that now comprises only the lax condition that somebody might possibly use it. And the pioneering spirit continues to live on. According to the London Free Press, an opportunity has been identified for a brand new bloated overseeing bureaucracy where none had gone before:

"The government is very reluctant to regulate indoor environments -- particularly homes, a bastion of personal freedom," says [Healthy Indoors Partnership] executive director Jay Kassirer. "You have an agency like Environment Canada that has a responsibility for the outdoor environment. No one department has been given the responsibility to ensure indoor environments are healthy and safe. Workplaces are regulated, homes are not."
Clearly a deficiency in planning…


Brent Gilliard said...

Perhaps a giant two-way television screen is in order?

MapMaster said...

Sssshhh... are you trying to give them ideas?

Pietr said...

'Giant' suggests luxury; the state is not there to supply luxuries, merely necessities.
So a little screen is all that is required.
Of course, some people might be tempted to use their unfair buying advantage to purchase a bigger television, so regulation is needed to ensure that all TVs are compliant with the two-way standard.
And of course, observation would commence on entering the TV shop.