Friday, June 23, 2006

Making victims of us all

You know, it's discriminatory that anti-bullying conditioning receives more support than the anti-sexual harrassment movement. Even the gays get their own week. Rest assured your representatives are hard at work to amend the imbalance:

Ten years after Theresa Vince was shot to death by her boss in 1996, a member of the Ontario legislature is trying to mark her memory by establishing Sexual Harassment Awareness Week.

Legislation from Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Pat Hoy that would dedicate the first week of June to raising awareness of sexual harassment passed second reading yesterday in the legislature.

[..] Michelle Schryer of the Chatham-Kent Sexual Assault Crisis Centre said the bill is important because it would increase the political will to further protect women from sexual harassment.

Until society can "genuinely recognize" sexual harassment and take it seriously, "it will be extremely difficult to have any other work accomplished," Schryer said.

[..] Hoy said work is being done to raise awareness on other issues such as bullying in schools, and it's time sexual harassment was raised as well.

The public needs "to understand that this is not tolerable, that it should not happen," he said.
London Fog challenge: In 150 words or less, explain how Sexual Harassment Week, complete with government issued posters and flags, will deter deranged individuals from stalking their desired prey?


Pietr said...

Four words-moral climate of disapproval.

Brent Gilliard said...

Quite right.

If the 'regular folks' who sexually harass without intending to harass are made aware of their actions and they stop, we can take much more seriously the actions of the sick few who continue.

Also, it is taboo to discuss all things sexual, harassment no less. It takes a deliberate effort to bring these things into the public consciousness.


Mitch said...

Ask Sexual Harassment Panda!

The Mayor said...

How will Sexual Harassment Week posters and flags deter the deranged? An excellent question! Think of all the money spent on activists and activist friendly digital designers. This creates jobs for activists and fellow travellers, much as a tape worm or other intestinal parasite increases the appetite but cause you to lose weight. As for detering the deranged, the propaganda of flags and posters will encourage them to seek healthy, socially acceptable forms of harassment, such as taxpayer harassment, cigarette smoker harassment, or fast food prudes. In short, they will become activists themselves.

As a sexual harassment activist, these noble Charles Manson-esque poly-genderites will enjoy enhanced legal protection, much as Indians or Gangbangers, and can explore their urges to touch, drool, leer, and
masturbate into unattended clothing.

As part of the activist-harassment life cycle (which resembles that of the Tobago Brain Worm), the very presence of the tuna smelling activist will both cause and raise awareness of sexual harassment.

Pietr said...

I was actually thinking along Ent's lines;of course I still don't like the politician doing it.

Brent Gilliard said...

It's creepy when we have moments like this, eh?

MapMaster said...

Yes, let's have bureaucrats define what sexual harrassment is, that always works out splendidly. Honestly, what's an official Sexual Harrassment Awareness Week going to accomplish except to provide an excuse for giving handouts to activists for glossy posters and billboards that no one pays any attention to, a la The Mayor's suggestion?

I can't believe we're paying these bums in Queens Park to dream up these things. Sexual Harrassment Week? Yeah, it's hard work for politicians to appropriate common decency and wrap themselves up in tinfoil glory for their troubles. Gaah! Supporting social engineering by governments or government-paid activists sounds alright when they're trying to promote common sensibility, but you're inviting social engineering of all other sorts and stripes when you do so. Best to keep the beast in a cage.

Brent Gilliard said...

As long as they're engineering society the way I like it...

Isn't it all social engineering? I mean, it's what the government does. Scorpions sting, moles dig, and government encourages some activities and discourages others.

If there's no such thing as a natural human condition (hunting on the savanah maybe, but not today), then whatever the government does is engineering. If it were to withdraw from all but, say, national defense, that would be socially engineering a libertarian society of sorts. Many people want the government to engineer smokers out of existence - or at least restaurants. Other people... well, I've been trying not to satisfy Godwin's rule so much. You fill in the blank.

The beast is out, and it has free inspirational posters for you.

Pietr said...

I was simply thinking in terms of denying the nutters any pretense at normality by removing the camouflage of bigotted humour.