Saturday, June 3, 2006

London imagined

Jim Chapman predicts the future of London politics post-ward restructuring and -four year terms in today's London Free Press. All the predictions are bang-on and worth the read, but nos. 2 and 6 stand out:

Prediction No. 2: Far from bringing people together, the downsized ward structure will serve to encourage the formation of powerful neighbourhood political cliques whose primary focus will be on getting, and keeping, power for themselves. There will be unprecedented levels of jockeying for position and behind-closed-doors horse trading, and the craftier council members will acquire much more real political power. This will not prove to be a good thing.


Prediction No. 6: The day will come when Londoners will look back on even our recent semi-dysfunctional but relatively inexpensive councils as "the good old days."
Read the rest here.


Honey Pot said...

Is he still alive? Damn, that man has had more resurrections than JC himself.

Pietr said...

Apparently the tame imagery of a tame Briton, safely cannonised by being murdered in New York 26 years ago, is sufficiently powerful to force a decision on the city council from 1/3 of 1% of the people in the city.

But, having said said that, how is one council member per 10,000 people going to be over-representation?

Pietr said...

I realise that some Canadians still have sufficient propriety to be shocked that people using the tamest of tame imagery from a tame, and safely incontrivertible(due to death) tame Briton, can, with less than 1/3 of 1% of the signatures of the people in that city overturn a council decision, but I still have a question:
how can 33 councillors be over-representative of 340,000 people?