Friday, June 30, 2006

London Fog to market garbage juice from Southwestern Ontario landfill site

Londoners need not fear the juices oozing from their uncollected bags of trash. In fact, some find it rather tasty, like Bob McCaig for instance:

The boss of Southwestern Ontario's newest mega-landfill, poised to possibly take Toronto's trash, insists his dump is environmentally safe.

How safe?

So safe, McCaig had no problem yesterday downing a glass of the juices that ooze from the Green Lane landfill in Southwold Township.

"(It's) a tiny bit sweet," he said, after swallowing the treated sample of so-called leachate that pours out of landfills like his own.

"I've drunk it many times," McCaig said, to prove his point the 130-hectare site is environmentally sound. "I don't recommend people drink it as a habit, but a little bit never hurt anyone."

Though the leachate wasn't "unpleasant," McCaig said, "a single malt (Scotch) would go better with it."
No matter whether the citizens are sorting their wet and dry and recycling religiously, the garbage has to go somewhere for processing. London seems an appropriate sacrifice. Half the distance, half the emissions.

Let us all bury our heads in the sand.


The Mayor said...

We can call it 'Leachate Lager' and use this elixir to mix with alcohol and hops. Should take around a thirty minuite brew time per swimming pool size batch. The we can sell it to gullible Americans


Pietr said...

Mark my words, that man will be Prime Minister someday.