Thursday, June 22, 2006

Log Palaces

At least they are keeping the Plasma TVs:

MORE THAN $50,000 worth of designer office furniture purchased by the federal government, shipped to Turin for the Winter Olympics and shipped back to Toronto at a premium, was sold off for just over $4,000 last week.

The Herman Miller desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other equipment was among a shipment of items used to furnish a hospitality log cabin for Canada's Olympic presence called B.C. House.

According to a detailed list of the items obtained from the Public Works Department, the equipment was worth $52,161.45, including GST.

It was sold on the department's auction website last week for $4,152.

The lot was advertised with no mention the furniture was designed by Michigan-based company Herman Miller and contained only pictures of non-descript filing cabinets and storage towers.
HT: Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Now's a good time to play smash the office desk. It's much more fun if you imagine the desks belong to government bureaucrats. Hat tip to Blog Quebecois for the crushingly good time.