Sunday, June 25, 2006

The line at the food bank grows longer still

Like their federal counterparts, the Ontario Liberals freely distribute money to their pals for expensive advertising work. Word is out that McGuimpy and his gang have paid Bensimon Byrne, a Liberal-friendly advertising firm, $219,000 to design a new Ontario trillium logo. Liberal-friendly sign and stationary makers are applauding the change.

Comrades, the ruling party is spending your entitlement on government awareness. Don't complain.
Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips defended the logo revamp, saying it wouldn't cost taxpayers much since stationery, government documents and signs will be replaced gradually over the course of years.

"As we do something new, we're going to bring it in. We won't be going out taking old signs down. It's just as we redo any sign, we'll start," Phillips told the Toronto Star.

"It'll be a long evolutionary period," he said, adding the new logo first appeared in little-noticed ads in March.

"This is the fourth time the trillium has changed since it came in. You look at it and say, `Is it still contemporary or not, can we refresh the thing?'" he said, noting the 1964 design was modified slightly in 1972, 1994 and 2002.

[..] "The feeling was, we want to retain the trillium: Is there a way to modernize it a little bit? That's the purpose of it. It's just making sure that the government looks like a contemporary government," he said.

Phillips, the architect of legislation banning partisan political advertising by governments, insisted it's just coincidental that it resembles the Liberal rendition of Ontario's official flower.

"It's more like the NDP logo," he said.
Mack the Plain Little Turtle has the inside story:

Word has it that the estate of the late Colonel Sanders is about to sue for trademark infringement by the government of Ontario (Canada). Ontario, which announced yesterday that it has spent $219,000.00 for a redesign of the provincial government's trillium flower label, is alleged to have simply cut and paste it from a special part of the the stylized artwork of the Colonel's face, found on the side of the Colonel's chicken packaging: his facial hair.


Pietr said...

Wasn't that the name of the female in Hitchikers Guide?

Honey Pot said...

Tons of money in ghetto making. Cheryle the mattress Miller on the radio this morning using code words to ask for more money to expand the ghetto. She can't for the life of her figure out how by putting an 850 user client methadone clinic, and an 1500 homeless refuge on the commercial corridor of London could cause social discord, and chaos.

She would have had her friend Sandy White spout off about it, but Sandy is busy working on funding. Sandy doesn't have an election platform and is grasping at anything. Doesn't look like Cheryle is running this time, she is doing her good friend Sandy a favour, sitting the stage for Sandy's free crack pipe palace.

I am just waiting with baited breathe, (whatever that is), to see the plan that will be put in place. The word harm reduction is being bantered around. Oh.... I know what that means. That is the code word for safe houses, where crack addicts can shoot up with the blessing of the police. I wonder where a good place for one of those would be? I know...Old East London. The services are all congreated there now, one more surely wouldn't make a difference. I bet Sandy with the help of the ICHC, and the BIA is putting in for funding for one, as I type.

rhebner said...

'It's just making sure that the government looks like a contemporary government'

as opposed to what? a reactionary gov't, a regressive gov't...

how does one define a 'contemporary gov't'?

Pietr said...

If you study closely, the new design is made of arrows; specifically, it is a diagram of a plan of attack for taking a triangular fort from all sides simultaneously.
Are there any famous triangular forts in Canada?

rhebner said...

the more I look at the new design the less it looks like a trillium. Instead it could be some sort of a Rorschach test or perhaps a squashed bug.

But it definately is CONTEMPORARY! And for that I'll gladly hand over a good chunk of my paycheque every month.

Rodney said...

Something tells me people on this list are upset that the logo doesn't depict any dead native protesters.

Pietr said...

Send the damn 'native-come-latelys' back across Bering to Siberia.
Maybe they'd prefer living in Rooshia?
Hell yeah!